Three days to induction

Waiting is no fun.

Yesterday I barely remember what all I managed to find to fill the time — some knitting, some reading, a nap, a shower, eating… and in the evening we watched All the King’s Men, which was a pretty interesting movie.

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast, then did the dishes. And here it is only 9:15 and the rest of the day still ahead.

Oh, I forgot to mention, yesterday late afternoon we got a package from dulcimer friend Rick and his wife Brandy; Brandy had crocheted a lovely soft afghan in a really nice mossy green color. Maybe I’ll get around to posting a picture later.


41 Weeks (Still-) Prenatal Visit

We just got back from our last midwives appointment and some errands.

The baby and I are still fine according to all the usual measurements and the non-stress test, which involved being hooked up to monitors that tracked the baby’s heartbeat and uterine pressure. And the baby’s battering ram activities are perfectly normal, if exceedingly uncomfortable when she’s really going at it.

Plan B is in place — we’ll go to the hospital on Monday at 7:30 am if the baby hasn’t arrived before then. Depending on how things look at that point, they’ll decide how to proceed with induction. Options include cervical ripening with local prostaglandins if necessary, or jump-starting labor with Pitocin if the cervix is already ready. The midwife assured us that they and the hospital are very conservative about such things and that it’s unlikely any negative stuff like hyperstimulation of the uterus would be allowed to continue for any length of time — apparently, it doesn’t take long for the Pitocin or prostaglandins to stop acting once they’re shut off.

After our appointment, we stopped at the grocery store to refill some water jugs, celebrated our one-week overdue-ness with lunch at a little Chinese place, and stopped by the post office to check my business box. Now that we’re back home, I think I’m going to have a little nap and Mark’s going to get some more work done.

I actually slept a little more normally last night, and I think it shows — I feel a little more energetic and a lot more emotionally stable today than I have for the last few days. Those of you who are praying for us, pray especially for us to manage the inevitable sleep deprivation to come!

And Tuesday…

I might be getting a cold. Which woke me up around 3 again; I got up at 4 and had a nice hot salt water gargle and then ate some “breakfast,” and went back to bed around 5:15.

Mark is working at home until the afternoon when he has a group meeting on campus.

If the baby doesn’t come today, we have to do a nonstress test at our appointment tomorrow.

It was fun to hang out with Loretta yesterday afternoon, and then Mark came back home and we ate dinner, watched a little TV, and went to bed.

And Monday…

Today has been slow.

Mark has been working at home but will be off to campus for a few hours soon.

I’ve eaten, read a bit, lain down a bit, and put a loaf of bread in the machine which will eventually become stuffing.

Loretta is coming over around 3; perhaps we’ll go out somewhere for tea so I can get out of the house.

Oh, and last night at Greg and Nita’s was fun — they make great pizza, and their younger son made some fabulous apple dumplings, and it was nice to be out and socializing.

Sunday so far

It’s the midafternoon lull. Mark is napping while the Redskins lose, and I’ve just been visiting my favorite blogs and such.

The goulash and dumplings were excellent last night, although I think we should make twice as much gravy next time.

It was another night of wakings for both of us — it’s especially hard to get back to sleep when both of us have woken up at the same time.

We went to church; it was a Communion week, which was nice to be there for. One of the church ladies gave us a knitted baby hat and crocheted blanket that her sister had made:

Blanket and hat.

After church, we managed to get invited to Greg and Nita’s for dinner; homemade pizza! We’re bringing a salad.

Funny, I was wishing for just such a thing before we went to church. Funny, too, how some of us manage to feel bad about getting what we want sometimes. I wonder how much of my emotional baggage I’ll pass on to this kid, and how much she’ll be able to avoid, and what different baggage she might get for herself.

Well — on to a few other blogs and to try to get my email to work (various problems for several weeks now…), and later maybe watch the Steelers lose.

Friday and Saturday

Last night we watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo — Mark had gotten it and Airplane!, which we watched Monday night, at the library last weekend. Very interesting movie; slow-paced compared to modern movies, but not at all dragging, and, well, just very interesting.

This morning we got up early again, but a little better — about 6:45 or so, I think.

I made another variation of those berry scones for breakfast, this time with no berries, instead throwing in some pecans with cinnamon and nutmeg. Nice versatile recipe, easily adapted.

We went grocery shopping later in the morning. For whatever reason, walking around the grocery store makes this baby push down kind of hard — walking around at home or other places doesn’t seem to have the same effect, or not as consistently.

Later today I might fold those diapers I washed yesterday, maybe do a load of darks; maybe take a nap; maybe put the latest pictures in the scrapbook; maybe watch football with Mark; maybe have the baby…

And we’re planning to make Czech goulash for dinner — beef simmered in stock with paprika and pepper, served over dense, chewy bread dumplings.