Protected: Mamatography Week 6

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Amy picked some flowers and asked for a vase to put them in.


Two neighborhood kitties paid a visit. There was much hissing — from our kitty. The outside ones were cautious of her but seemed to want our attention — perhaps they smelled her food.


Sweater progress. I tried spacing the front increases evenly across each increase row, but they still ended up rather stacked — I’m going to rip back that much and stack them on the sides just in front of the armhole instead.



I got a $0.75 bag of largish checkers at the thrift store the other day. They came with what I thought at first glance was a cloth mat, but it was thin cheapie plastic. I happened to have black and red/white striped fabric lying around, so I made my own cloth mat. In my research into quilting (I’m going to attempt to make a quilt for Amy) I learned about strip piecing, and that made this project go so quickly. Now I just need two more red checkers and three more black ones.



Amy fed the cat


She likes to help me feed the kitty in the morning. She holds the bowl, sometimes pours the scoop of dry food in, carries it over to the corner, and takes the old bowl to the sink.

But this afternoon, while we were in the kitchen, she suddenly grabbed a can of wet food and took it somewhere. I was distracted at the time, but later saw it there in the bowl and had a good giggle.