Amy bits

I guess I need to round up these bits from Facebook more often — I am sure I posted a lot more than that between April and November, but this was all FB would show me!! ETA: I forgot about Activity Log! Now I can access everything.



Amy: Would anyone want these desserts for the poor? … The leftover ones are for the poor!


‎”Why did they take her pants off?” asked Amy, looking at the “How you were born” book.


“I’m going to use all my muscles on this — I’m going to put all my power on this — I have the power to do this — it’s hard work, but I can do it.” Amy helping me with the pasta machine, turning the crank.


Enjoyed watching the last dance class of the season — Amy is the youngest in the class by two years, and while she can’t do everything, she keeps trying and keeps smiling, and she’s made lots of progress.


How I love to hear Mark and Amy playing together.


Amy (after I called out a question to her from another room): I’m busy playing; if you’d like to talk to me, you can come in here. Continue reading