Fitness Challenge, whatever week this is

Yeah. This is for this week, and last week, and I think the one before, too.

Continuing to do Monday’s BGTT class, which is awesome, and I sure hope it continues in the summer.

Wednesday Pilates continues as well; I think I missed one (last week?) because of Mark having other commitments. Yesterday, though? Totally made up for it. It seemed we did twice as much, twice as fast, because there were no rests between poses. I was sweaty. I drank all my water. And I felt it the next day. There were some poses where I learned something about the form and felt more work, too. My abs are pitiful — I still can’t do a roll-up without grabbing my legs, I can’t balance on my back in the seal, and I can’t do a roll-over at all. And you’d laugh at my push-ups. But we’re getting there.

The locker room has a scale and I’ve visited it a few times. The first time, my weight was five pounds less than the last time I was on a scale, but I think that may have been around Christmas, and it was a different scale, so who knows. But the second time, my weight was a pound less than the first time. I feel a little silly that I care, but it is nice to see something quantifiable. Maybe I can permit myself to enjoy it when there’s a loss or maintaining, and allow myself to disregard it when there’s a small gain. I’m still glad I don’t own a scale.

Fridays I haven’t done anything for a while. My dulcimer student has been rescheduled for the afternoons. I might try to get in the habit of taking a bike ride after her lesson. We’ll see.

I’m back to the two-desserts-a-week rule, except tonight I had two cookies despite birthday cake and ice cream on Sunday night and ice cream with bananas another night. Eh.


Fitness Challenge Week 13

Monday was the first BGTT class since before spring break — three weeks without a Monday class. I was very pleased to discover that it didn’t whup me as much as I expected. I’m sure she was a little easier on us, but also it shows that a couple of weeks won’t ruin all the little progress I’ve made.

Wednesday Mark had a commitment, so I planned to do a Pilates video (The Method, Precision Toning) at home during nap. I intended to skip lunch so as not to exercise on a full stomach. However, at playgroup at the park that morning, I felt moved to buy some treats for everyone from the coffee shop, and of course partook myself. To compensate for the upset stomach from eating only sweets, I had an orange and a carrot when we got home. The workout was good anyway.

No more spinning class on Friday noons, so I went for a real bike ride outside instead. Wrote about it in my previous post.

Fitness Challenge Weeks 9-12

I didn’t post on week 9 — as far as I know I did all three classes.

So then there was spring break for two and a half weeks, and no exercise classes, and I did only two of my DVD workout, and one short bike ride.

Classes resumed last week, mid week. There was only Pilates. I showed up for Friday spinning and discovered that it’s been canceled for the rest of the school year because Shaina says people stop coming once the weather is nice. Fortunately a handful of others also showed up thinking there was class, so we turned on the music and did our own class anyway.

Not sure what I’m going to do on Fridays now!

Today it’s BGTT again — oy, the hardest class and the one I was most sad to miss.

E is for…


1. An ongoing endeavor of mine is taking better care of our bodies by eating well and exercising enough.

I’ve been baking all our bread for a month or so now, alternating each week between a basic whole wheat bread and a whole wheat sourdough. I’ve had a bag of wheat berries (unground wheat) in my freezer for almost three years — I keep meaning to try sprouting some and just haven’t done it, because it involves a commitment of several days in a row. Instead, finally, last night I soaked some, along with some sunflower seeds and millet, and baked it into the regular bread today. Looks and smells great — I love bread with these things in it for texture and taste, so I hope it turns out well.

Soon we’ll be adding local eggs to our diet — as soon as we use up the current batch from the store. Last week I was out for the first bike ride of the season and happened to hear a rooster. On a whim, I rode up the driveway and knocked on the door and asked about their chickens — would they show them to me, and tell me about raising them (I’ve wondered about buying a few laying hens), and by the way do they sell the eggs. They have a nice set up where the chickens free range all day when the family’s home, and otherwise stay in their coop and run. They eat cracked corn, layer mash, oyster shell, occasional dry cat food, and whatever bugs and such they find out in the yard. Some have some feather loss issues, but no one was bleeding or bright red or anything. And the price is right — $1.50 a dozen, compared to $3 at the health food store.

As for exercise, theoretically I’m participating in three fitness classes each week at the academy where Mark teaches, but there were no classes over our long spring break, and I’ve only done two measly video workouts, plus the short bike ride.

2. Another endeavor, especially since deciding to send Amy to the Montessori school, is to expand my business.

I play hammered dulcimer, teach, and have a few CDs to sell. I arranged with the local coffee shop to play there once a month for tips and CD sales, and it’s keeping me practicing a little more as well as providing exposure. Friday I play for a church supper, a gig arranged by someone who saw me at the coffee shop. I also have a student from playing there. No leaps and bounds, but a good start.

I have the intention to start an Etsy shop to sell stuff I sew. First I need to finish sewing diapers and sorting and organizing my fabric stash. Then I hope to make jeans bags, towel bibs, and who knows what else to sell.

3. This blog challenge has been quite the endeavor so far, too. Actually, the first three letters weren’t hard, but E was driving me nuts. I found myself absent-mindedly going about my day, brainstorming: eight, elbow, eighth note, ellipsis, elephant, end…

A is for…


Four apple seedlings started from seeds I found already sprouted inside grocery store Gala apples. This is my third attempt to grow such seeds — that one is really looking nice! Maybe it’ll be fruiting by the time Amy graduates high school or something.


We have a longish spring break here (a little over two weeks) and that means no exercise classes. I did manage to do two of my DVD workouts last week, but alas, nothing this week. Nothing official, anyway. On Tuesday I did maybe twenty minutes of a bike ride that got my heart rate up and used some leg muscles. Today I walked a little bit while we were at the park. Ha! That’s all. My left hand is bothering me again (too much awkward gripping while trying to cut up and sort my fabric stash), so there are several parts of my workout I can’t do right now anyway (weights, push-ups and table-top / plank positions), but I should try to do something. But I don’t wanna. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Saturday. Maybe not.


Amy’s diapers are falling apart. Especially the ones that were passed down from a family who had used them for two kids. I don’t think our stash will last until we reach dry nights and naps. I’ve looked around a bit for good deals on still-good used diapers, but nothing’s such a great deal that it seems worth it. Then I saw stuff about sewing our own — I’ve seen patterns before but never wanted to try, but now I’m thinking of going for it. I might even try making some flats, now that I understand how easy they are to fold.


Blogging from A to Z

Fitness Challenge Week 8

No Monday class — teacher canceled. I did my Pilates Sculpt DVD instead.

No Wednesday class — I was hosting playgroup and so wasn’t going to be able to get down to campus on time.

Friday’s spinning was hard but good — I continue to get better at pacing myself, and someday I might even be able to pedal and drink without spilling. I know, I should get a sport top for my water bottle. Eh.

Still no change in weight, as far as I can tell from occasional weighings on other people’s scales, and from the fit of my clothes. But exercise is about more than weight loss — I definitely feel more toned and have more energy and perhaps even more strength and endurance. Who knows, perhaps it is also providing for better mood stability.

And if I eat more wisely, I bet I’ll see a little weight loss.

Fitness Challenge Week 7

Monday was a day off for the school, so the BGTT class was canceled. Believe it or not, I actually got up early and went to the Tuesday 6am BGTT class. At the time it didn’t seem as strenuous as Shaina’s, but I was still nicely sore in some places next day.

Wednesday’s Pilates was good, much like last week. It’s still way too easy to cheat, even without trying. Need to keep trying to focus on all the many aspects of the form.

Now I have Mark’s cold, and stayed home today. The spinning class was canceled anyway, and anyway the playgroup went to the Bremen Bounce today. I am so grateful that Kimia and others in the playgroup took Amy with them — she had a great time and I had a great rest.