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August videos

Uploading videos via dialup is not feasible. So I’ve gone to the library (ours here in Plymouth, and the one in Culver) to do the uploading, and even then it’s not that fast. I think it took over an hour each time I was there, to do two videos simultaneously. And these aren’t even long videos! I miss cable…

Anyway, these first three are from August 9. It was originally one long video but I tried to separate out the more interesting parts.


Pulling up to stand:

Getting down (on purpose):

And this one’s from last night. We all had spaghetti; ours with homemade meat sauce, and Amy’s with a little butter and parmesan. Some of it ended up in her mouth — most of it found its way there eventually, with help.


Amy did two things today that wowed me.

First, after she pulled herself up by her rocking chair arms, she took steps to follow it as her weight pushed it around the room.

Then, she crawled up onto the low shelf of her changing table. Climbed! No, I don’t plan on making that an available play space, but I was so surprised at what she was doing that I just watched.

In other news, I bought a folding camp-chair-style booster seat — very light-weight, folds compact — to use when Amy and I join Mark at the dining hall. We used it at lunch today and it worked great. And it was less expensive than hard plastic non-folding or non-compact boosters, so even better.

Eight and a half months


Cries — When very tired, frustrated, hungry, or when her hair’s being washed

Getting ready to cry — The wide-open mouth, scrunched up face, so angry or upset that she can’t get a cry out just yet; doesn’t happen that often

Giggles — When tickled, swung around, or otherwise pleasantly surprised

Singing — High-pitched light babble

Snuffling — She will huff and puff quickly through her nose

Sonar — Short bursts evenly spaced

Sports announcing — Loud babble and yells

Various other babble — Mostly b’s, d’s, g’s, ah’s, and e’s

Whines — Usually in her high chair waiting for more food


Annoyance — Sometimes she’ll bang her arms up and down and kick a bit when she’s frustrated, like when I won’t let her eat grass or climb on the kitty or when we wipe her face after a meal

Clapping — Mostly almost clapping, where her hands just go back and forth but don’t touch, but twice she’s actually made a few claps

Crawling — Not all that fast or graceful yet, but competent, even for getting over obstacles like a pillow or a leg

Cuddling — With a person or a blanket or soft toy, she’ll scrunch herself up and hug whatever it is and tuck her face into it

Pick me up — When we get ready to pick her up, she raises her arms.

Pincer practice — She still mostly grabs with her whole hand but sometimes touches things with just one finger or an open hand, and occasionally grabs with first finger and thumb

Standing — Occasionally she can pull herself up on the coffee table, but if placed standing she can stay up for a long time, cruise to the left, let go with one hand or foot, and either sit by falling or occasionally by reaching down

Take and toss — She’ll crawl around grabbing toys and tossing them behind her

Waving — One or both hands up high

Meals and sleep

At breakfast she has a bottle, 6-7 oz.

Around 11 she has a nap, anywhere from forty minutes to an hour and a half.

At lunch she has a vegetable, a fruit, and whatever that week’s new food is. Some of the recent ones have been scrambled eggs, yogurt, mozzarella cheese, rye crackers, and whole wheat pasta. Then another bottle.

After her afternoon nap, usually from 3:00 to 4:45 or so, she has another bottle.

At dinner she has oatmeal or barley cereal, Cheerios, and a little of anything from our dinner that she can eat.

At bedtime, the fourth and final bottle.


Most of her waking time she spends in the living room with that week’s basket of toys. (I’ve divided them into three baskets, in hopes of all of us getting less bored.) She can entertain herself quite well.

Sometimes we play with her with a toy — helping her pull a string or push a button, playing peekaboo with a stuffed animal, and so on.

Sometimes we do “Itsy-Bitsy Spider,” “Patty-cake,” or “This Little Piggy.” She watches, laughs, and sometimes gets her hands involved.

Sometimes we read a book and let her play with it afterwards (if it’s a board book).

Sometimes I sing or play an instrument for her while she either plays in the living room or stands in the entertainer.

Sometimes we take her for a walk, usually in her stroller.

Sometimes she crawls around the floor, playing with the rug my mom crocheted, or the springy boingy doorstops, or the dining room chairs, and so on.

Sometimes Mark swings her around or does arm curls with her and that sort of thing.

Sometimes she plays with blocks in her room.

Sometimes she rocks in her rocking chair or on the rocking horse. She doesn’t rock them herself very well, although sometimes she tries. She holds on well to the arms of the chair or the handles on the horse.