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This afternoon we were lying on a blanket in a shady spot of the backyard.

The diapers were neatly piled in the laundry basket nearby, and we were just hanging out, waiting for Mark to get home.

Our heads were together at one end of the blanket, and we both had our feet up in the air. Waved them around for a bit. Then there was a bit of hand surprise — my hand up in the air, wiggling… who knows when it will drop, and what will get tickled?

There were giggles and squeaks.

And a few times, she turned her head to make eye contact and share a smile.

Two weeks away

Our moving date (if everything goes according to plan) is two weeks from today.

The Honda was nearing the end of its useful life, so rather than drag it to Indiana and then get rid of it, we preemptively sold it. We’re delivering it this morning. Once we’re in Indy we’ll keep an eye on the Carmax site for a replacement.

Amy has had her first cheerios. She doesn’t have a pincer grasp yet, so she can’t really pick them up and get them to her mouth, but she plays with them and accepts one offered to her lips.

Yesterday she and I spent the early afternoon at Sarah’s. Her kids, two girls and a younger boy, enjoyed playing with Amy and she did pretty well being played with, too. We sat outside by their sidewalk, under a huge maple; the weather was fantastic.

She is outgrowing her car seat. She’s tall for her age, and her feet stick out a bit and the top of her head sticks out a bit. And it’s getting very heavy, too. I was mentioning this to Sarah, and she offered us her boy’s car seat, since he’s too big for it now; unfortunately it has a low weight limit for rear-facing and the “use by” date on the back is this December. We plan to shop this weekend.

Last night Mark’s advisor and his wife took us out to dinner. Amy was a little fussier than usual, but otherwise it was a nice outing, and very kind of them.

Sunday the Hanshaw Trio is having a farewell party with music and a potluck. I need to tune sometime between now and then!

Baby’s first Tylenol

Is this a milestone other people note, lol?

Amy had three shots yesterday. Since then she has been more tired and unhappy than usual, fussing and crying and face-rubbing (her #1 tired signal), and refusing to sit up (the shots were in the tops of her thighs).

So, today (with the doctor’s okay) we gave her her first dose of baby Tylenol, in grape-flavored drops. She liked the medicine just like she has liked everything else that has ever entered her mouth. And she seems to be feeling more herself, now, too.

6 months well child visit

Now that Amy’s just about a week away from seven months, we finally got in her six months check up. First the doctor’s office had rescheduled once or twice, then we had to.

She weighs seventeen pounds and eight ounces. I don’t think I heard the length or head circumference (Amy wasn’t very pleased at those moments). She’s in the 90th percentile for her height and 75th for weight. The doctor says she’s obviously thriving and looks great all around.

The main thing we talked about is food. We can now start to introduce dairy and wheat items and finger foods — starting with yogurt, then maybe soft cheeses… Cheerios, pasta… bits of cooked carrot or cut up apple… and, best of all, I don’t have to use a strainer when I make her food. I may not even have to use a blender much longer, as long as she doesn’t mind a coarser texture.

I don’t think I mentioned that I made some homemade food for her this weekend. Bought a bag of frozen peas. Cooked them. Thought about the blender — got out the box, figured, nah, just use the mini food processor. Processed peas. Pushed what I could through the strainer. Processed again, and strained again, and processed again, and strained again, and processed again, and strained again, and got out the blender. Finally figured out the right amount of water to add, and finally got most of it strained. Spooned into ice trays. Froze. Put cubes in a baggie in the freezer. Whew.

Once I figured out the blender business, I figured it would be worth trying again, but I’m not at all disappointed that I don’t have to bother with the strainer anymore.

We also talked about her development.

She’s a great independent sitter, able to twist and reach and rarely losing her balance. Sometimes falls forward or rolls over into a crawling position and rocks. Can roll all over a floor.

She passes things from hand to hand and twists them this way and that, and explores them pretty thoroughly with her mouth. She doesn’t quite have a pincer grip yet but is working in that direction.

She babbles, making bs, ds, gs, fs, and bubbles, plus ahs and some oohs, and even some clicks.

She was not at all pleased with getting three shots, but she calmed quicker than I expected.

And now she’s awake and talking to herself in her crib, so soon it’ll be time to go get her for her afternoon bottle.