Down stairs

A few times I’ve helped Amy go down the stairs — usually by having her sit on a step, stick her feet out to stand on the next step, sit on it, etc.

Last night she figured out how to go down backwards instead, which she found easier.


An early valentine

Amy got an early valentine today.

My playgroup friend Lydia and her youngest, Gracie, came over, so the little ones could play together and the adults could work on Lydia’s current sewing project. In the hour and a half we had, we managed to find the relevant pattern pieces (this was one of those envelopes with four different patterns, some also in child sizes, so lots of tissue to sort through and keep away from babies), cut them out, tape them to the fabric, and cut most of the pieces out. We also talked some about the pattern and modifying it to use the view C apron but the view D pocket.

As we were helping Lydia and Gracie get ready to go, Gracie went to hug Amy… and bit her on the cheek.

Most likely intended as a kiss, but — ouch!

Good, bad, ugly


Amy spent the later morning playing a bit and clinging to her blanket and saying “eat.”

When it was finally time to eat (she’d had plenty of breakfast — as much as she wanted), she took a few bites and then spent the rest of the mealtime crying for her blanket.

This annoyed me.


I let her down and washed the dishes.

She came over and announced that she was going to poop. I took her to her room, removed the diaper, which just had a smudge on it, and sat her on the potty. She had her blanket to cuddle and we read a book, and plop! Out of her bottom came a tiny and very hungry caterpillar little poop. (Sorry; you get these baby book phrases in your head after awhile; if you didn’t recognize that, it’s from Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.)

When I informed her what she’d done, she clapped for herself (I joined in) and we continued reading the book.


Not much later, she looked down and saw that the poop was still there, and got Very Upset.


A little later, we did the “eat”/”no” dance — she would go to her high chair and say up or eat or high chair, but when I’d move to lift her up, or ask her if she wanted to eat, she’d say no, then repeat. I kept washing dishes. Eventually she looked serious about wanting to get up in the high chair, and she let me lift her up, and ate a little more food.

Nap hour

It is the nap hour.

I made the bed in a hurry.

I got out the sewing machine and the dress I’m working on; I figure I’ll set it up in the kitchen, and see if I can also work on it with Amy around, since hour-long naps don’t allow for much sewing progress. I also don’t believe in excluding her from the other things I do in life.

A quick stop online to see if I had email or new blog posts to read.

And I think what I’ll do next is just lie down with the kitty.

If the pattern that has held since Tuesday keeps holding, there might be twenty minutes of nap left.

Oops, I hear coughing.

I must confess I am having a hard time adjusting to one-nap-ness.

Even though I feel defensive knowing there are folks out there who mistakenly think good moms are always thrilled to be with their kids 24/7 no matter what, I will proclaim, along with the other enlightened-by-experience folks, that everyone, even moms and babies, needs a little space to themselves and a little outside interest to keep their relationships healthy.

And that one hour a day is insufficient.

And that it is in fact good for Amy, too, to spend some of her time occupying herself and not being externally entertained 24/7.

And so I will continue figuring out how to create enough space for both of us, carving it out of awake time since nap time is dwindling.

The coughing has stopped, and my kitty awaits. Ta.


She puts her socks and shoes next to her feet as if she’s trying to put them on.
She says hairbow and points to them, hanging on a ribbon on the wall, when I comb her hair.
She sometimes lets me put one in her hair, if I’m quick, but mostly says no.
She has started announcing, with some upset / urgency, that she is pooping.
She repeats “tada!” if one of us says it, and often morphs it into “da ta!” which I think is hilarious.

What Amy does

  • Lies down in the bath, supported on her forearms, kicks like she’s swimming.
  • Puts her face forward or sideways into the water, which amuses her.
  • Gets quite upset if she poops in the tub or on her naked-time blanket.
  • Doesn’t mind peeing in the tub, but sometimes gets upset if she pees on the blanket.
  • Goes around the blanket playing and saying “Pee” whether she is going to or not.
  • Occasionally sits on her potty, occasionally saying “pee” or “poop” but not doing either (except that one time).
  • Hands us the spoon to fill. (Oh my. Interesting transition, eh?)
  • Has just today figured out that food gets to her mouth more consistently if she brings the spoon up level instead of flipping it upside-down.
  • Bangs on her food, her dish, her tray, her sippy cup, with the spoon.
  • Occasionally chases food around the dish or tray with the spoon.
  • Occasionally is surprised to find that food gets into the spoon.
  • Puts the sippy down sideways and says uh-oh.
  • Picks it up and sets it upright when we ask her to.
  • Says bib, tray, bread, meat, apple (meaning orange), beenie (meaning banana), Cheerios / cereal (I can’t tell which she means — to her they’re probably synonymous).
  • Says down, baggit (blanket), or bunny at various times during her meal, whether she’s really done eating or not.
  • Says eat when she’s not eating, sometimes when she’s hungry, and sometimes when she’s just finished eating.
  • Says honey, which I think means or is synonymous with hungry.
  • Eats plenty and is in no danger of starvation.
  • Cries at the doctor, even if it’s the vet.
  • Likes to sit and look at books or be read to.
  • Walks around with a book saying s(h)it, s(h)it, and/or book, book.
  • Says Ee-oh (the end) when she turns the last page.
  • Calls The Itsy-Bitsy Spider book Ishie.
  • Does the spider sign.
  • Says down while doing the down came the rain sign.
  • Sees a picture of the Pat the Bunny book in a knock-off / sequel and goes to fetch the original.
  • Smells flowers on fabric, in books, or anywhere else she sees them.
  • Says flower.
  • Carries a blanket, bunny, or occasionally another stuffed animal, holding it close with one hand and patting it with the other.
  • Sometimes says down or up when she means the other.
  • Whines and cries.
  • Smiles and laughs.
  • Is quiet and engaged.
  • Gives lectures or concerts or commentaries.
  • Wanders.
  • Knows where she is allowed and not allowed.
  • Often obeys these limits.
  • Sometimes jerks her limbs and / or head when thwarted.
  • Usually works through these mini-tantrums pretty quickly.
  • Sucks her thumb with blanket gathered up around her nose and mouth.
  • Looks over her shoulder, grins, runs away to be chased.
  • Plays hide and seek return, a mobile variation on peekaboo.
  • Freaks out with joy when the kitty enters the room.
  • Loves on the kitty by putting her head on her.
  • Thinks all letters are called “A.”
  • Points at things, pictures, letters, words, wanting their names.
  • Naps maybe an hour a day. (Yikes.)
  • Sleeps through thunderstorms.
  • Sleeps now.