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Throwing and sorting

Amy has been starting to throw and sort things.

Throws are usually pretty low to the ground, often behind her, sometimes to the side.

She picks things out of a container one at a time or else shakes / dumps them out. And she puts them back in, one at a time, somewhat violently sometimes, and with minimal aim. Or puts them all together on the floor or on a couch cushion.

She’s not doing any harm, and she’s certainly developing and enjoying new skills.

But what about when she throws the food on the floor, or sorts it from her bowl to her lap? Or what about when she throws things that are hard and might hurt someone if someone were there?

According to what I remember from child psychology, she’s still in the stage where she has no concept of considering another person’s point of view. So is it impossible for her to understand that she must look before she throws, or not throw hard things? Does it make more sense for me to protect other people (and myself) from her instead of expecting her to protect others from herself?

One of my books says to end a meal as soon as she starts playing instead of eating. Seems to me like this would end a lot of meals after only one or two bites. Is that fair? Is it effective? Would she learn quickly enough that mealtimes are for eating and not playing, so that we could get back to feeding her as much as she wants?

Or is it okay or better to continue like we do: tell her “no” (as calmly as we can) when she puts food where it doesn’t belong, reminding her that food goes “in your mouth or on the tray”; if she’s playing with the food or stuffing her face with more than she can handle, we take the bowl away and offer her bits at a time, either on the tray for her to grab or on a spoon; if she gets her hands in the way of the spoon, we sometimes see if she wants to try holding the spoon, sometimes tell her “this is spoon food, not finger food,” and sometimes offer her something else that she can grab.

What do y’all think?

Emotions are weird

I like being able to have emotions.

But sometimes they’re weird and / or annoying.

Like when you put the baby down for a nap around 3:30 and you still hear occasional talking at 4:45, half an hour before you need to leave to take the baby to meet her daddy for dinner at the dining hall.

It’s not crying. She seems perfectly content to just sit there and talk to herself.

If she doesn’t sleep, she doesn’t sleep. She usually copes pretty well with missed naps. Not great, but not unbearable.

So getting mad about it doesn’t jive with rational mind.

Wise mind patiently sits here and tells me that rational mind may have analyzed things just fine, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be angry or that it doesn’t make sense over in emotional mind. After all, this non-napping is unexpected and unwanted.

Wise mind also reminds me that it’s possible to feel an emotion and not let it dictate my behavior.

And Amy keeps saying “uh-oh”; I wonder if she’s tossed one of her things out of the crib or something.

I’ve been feeling on edge a bit lately, anyway. We’re still new here, and making friends and otherwise adjusting (and finding a church) takes time and plodding and risks and all that. And yesterday was odd and Mark has to work late again tonight (had a football game last night, too), and I was only able to make one of the doctor appointments I need. (I have two days when Mark has fall break and can be home to take care of Amy. Amy doesn’t know anyone here well enough for me to ask someone else to watch her.)

This morning, though, we had a little outing. I met three other moms at the coffeeshop and we enjoyed hanging out, eating scones, and watching each other’s little ones.

I can’t believe she (apparently) didn’t sleep at all for this hour and a half.

Please let it not be another poopy diaper. So tired of poopy diapers, especially these ones where it’s all slimed and doesn’t shake or scrape off nicely. One or two a day, fine, but not every diaper…

There’s some cries mixed in with the talking, now.


Edited to add:

Now it’s 5:12. Three minutes before we have to leave. Guess who is silent, perhaps asleep?


Edited to add:

It’s now 8:31.

Indeed, she was asleep when I went to get her, and was not happy about waking up. She’s pretty quick to adjust, though. And it was just a nice wet diaper, not poopy.

Dinner was not great, but we all seemed to mellow out as it went on. It’s hard to strike the right line between complaining and bottling; I suppose I should try to just state what I’m feeling, in an informational way.

When Amy and I got home, I spread out the old comforter and let her play naked. Just as one big rash was finally almost completely faded, another one struck. Humph. I’ve been using my wool soakers, too, for more breathability. She had some frustrations, mostly about me keeping her on the comforter, but mostly played just fine.

And when I sang Old MacDonald, I started to hear “I-O,” maybe even “E-I-O” just after I sang those parts. Throughout the song she was watching intently, and moving her lips, perhaps imitating.

She was not happy about getting a new diaper on, calmed down for her bottle, and was not at all happy about being put to bed, but almost immediately went to sleep.


#3 and an odd day

Tooth #3 has emerged. #4 is nearly visible, too, and perhaps #5 not much later.

Today is an odd day. There is a shower for one of the science dept wives (who is also in the playgroup) at 3:30, right in the middle of Amy’s usual afternoon nap. And Mark has a football game to work, so we’ll be doing dinner at the dining hall.

So I decided to do a one-nap day. Which meant I had to keep Amy so fascinatedly active / involved that she wouldn’t realize she was missing her morning nap.

Until 11:00 or so, usual morning nap time, things were going on as usual. We had our breakfast, we played in various indoor areas, we had a diaper change.

Then we went outside. I intended to play on the grass, but it was wet. So we walked around a bit, me carrying Amy, then we sat / stood on the park bench in the little flower garden thingy. Amy was very interested in this activity. She just stood on the bench, holding onto the back, looking around, playing with a grass stem sticking up through the bars, grabbing at leaves, and so on.

Then we came inside and did a bath. It went rather well; she seemed to trust me to keep hold of her as I leaned her back to rinse her hair.

Lunch was harder. She was feeling that tiredness and made it known.

After lunch she played a little. Including the newest fear item. We got a push toy that is a chiming cylinder with wheels and a push stick at the yard sales last weekend, and Amy seems to be afraid of it and interested in it at the same time. So we keep it tucked between the bedroom door and my dresser. She’ll pass it, stop to look, whimper a bit, look some more, maybe reach to touch it, and so on.

When she was acting like she didn’t want to play anymore, I took her to her crib.

I hope she gets a nice long nap…


Edited to add:

She slept a little more than two hours — pretty good but not as long as I hoped for. She did fairly well the rest of the day. I didn’t like having to do this; it wasn’t very nice. In a way it was, because a good middle of the day nap is better than a morning nap and no afternoon nap. But maybe it would have been better to stay home with her than disrupt her schedule so both Mark and I could go to the shower.