I started Becoming Three as a way to keep friends and family up to date on our little one, Amy. Parenting remains a common topic here — musing, venting, celebrating, and so on. I aim for non-punitive / gentle / respectful parenting, mostly according to the connection-based model of Hand in Hand Parenting. These tools have not only improved my relationship with my daughter, but have borne fruit in my interior life and in other relationships.

Before that, I blogged anonymously as Irksome Girl; I have moved most (all?) of those old posts over here — I think that’s just about everything earlier than 2006. There, I wrote about theology and church life, psychology and mental health, relationship, and a number of other things. I still write about those things.

I am interested in most of these things in an academic / philosophical sense as well as a personal sense. My psychological history includes high-functioning depression and anxiety from childhood on as well as some major depressive episodes and a nasty bout of postpartum depression and anxiety. As for theology and church life, I grew up one kind of Presbyterian, settled into another kind of Presbyterian, and along the way I have attended several other kinds of churches. I am currently feeling quite blissfully at home in the Episcopal Church, and am exploring what Episcopalianism is all about.

From time to time I also share some of my creations, whether stories, poems, songs, dulcimer music, and drawings, or things I’ve sewn or knitted or built, or things from the kitchen or the garden. I share some of Amy’s and husband Mark’s creations, too.


I am also a hammered dulcimer performer and teacher: http://mp-dulcimer.com

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. You’ve probably touched on this elsewhere on the blog…but I was noticing some of your posts are numbered (ie. #137) and you will give a short comment about some person or family…..could you tell me more about that? Almost get the sense it is from a journal?

  2. DM, the relevant explanatory post is here — meanwhile I’ll just tell you it’s a long-winded meme — you write 365 posts about 365 people, one each day; most folks use their age as a word limit for each post.

    Mine are organized pretty randomly. Sometimes there’s a string for a while — like a bunch of different guys named Ben, or people from a particular experience, like the current string of folks from a trip to Africa.

  3. Hi Marcy,

    I randomly came across your blog this evening (actually quite early in the morning here in Italy)…I spent so much time reading it, thought it was only appropriate to leave a comment. Your daughter is so sweet, like an angel! Your sewing is amazing to me really! I consider myself to be the absolute and complete opposite of Martha Stewart, so “wow” is all I can say!

    Sorry to hear about your anxiety issues, hope things improve for you…

    • Thanks for coming over and for the compliment — we’re not having a lovely day over here so it is encouraging to be reminded of what has gone well.

  4. Hi Marcy,
    I discovered your blog by searching for stay listening. I love the example you gave of Amy and the cereal. I am also a homeschooling mom who struggles with depression. I appreciate your honesty and insight.

    • Thanks for visiting, Barb! Our homeschool adventure began this school year, and, at least for now, has ended; Amy is doing well at a project-based learning public school.

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