Image of the view from our room.

I have been resting all day here at Casa de Café.

Image of the courtyard; Byron and Loren.

Managed some toast, chamomile tea, and passion fruit / carrot juice for brunch, later some yogurt and another cup of tea. The bread is wonderful, lovely texture and taste, homemade. The yogurt is homemade, too, and also lovely. For dinner, the owner personally made chicken soup for Loren and me, something they don’t have on the regular menu. I had a bit of fish as well. It feels good to have eaten.

Image of menu.

It has been a little lonely as the healthy folks hang out and chat, go shopping, go to the bird park, and I am not often well enough to leave our room. FOMO, you know; fear of missing out, or silly sadness that everyone is capable of having a good time without me.

Image of lower level.

On the other hand this is a beautiful place, both the town and this hotel, and if I have to sit around trying to recuperate this is an excellent place in which to do so. There’s a grassy courtyard our rooms look out onto, with tables and chairs, and hammocks even. Bougainvillea, lemon grass, ginger, bamboo, cacti, and other plants all around. Down the hill a bit the other set of rooms and two nooks each with a table and chairs and umbrella.

Image of lower rooms.

And of course I’m glad folks are having a good time and seeing and doing things. I was also grateful for everyone being solicitous about how I am doing, and to Rhonda and Fr John for staying behind at dinner time to keep Loren and me company, and the hotel staff for being so accommodating.

Image of our porch.

Meanwhile I have gotten some knitting done and have nearly finished Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower. I rather love dystopian novels.

Image of hammock.


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