I have not slept well the last two nights. Yesterday I benefitted from Rhonda’s electrolyte powder and from Tim’s magnesium pills and fruit. And spent most of the day resting inside the church where it was a bit cooler, feeling light-headed and a little spacey. I felt fine by the afternoon and could sit outside watching some of the work.

Image of a pila.

Image of pouring the mesa for the second new stove.

Image of the new roof taking shape for the tortillería.

Image of Gustavo digging a drain.

At morning devotion Padre Marco and Abigail had asked me to lead a couple of songs, so I found chords and lyrics online to play from. Even songs I play every week at Spanish mass I still need the chords in front of me. We sang Cristo Libertador and Quien Es Ese. As far as I could tell folks sang along just fine, but Padre Marco later said these songs were not familiar to them and would I do them again tomorrow. Maybe I can also record some video they could refer to while learning the songs. Both are in their hymnal, but it is words only.

Abigail has finished her biography for us; Rhonda and I intend to start a GoFundMe for her college expenses, especially because it is likely she will need to rent an apartment.

If you ever need to remove acrylic nails and have no acetone handy, it turns out that 100% DEET will dissolve the glue…

I felt more disconnected yesterday, probably in part from not feeling well, in part from a natural lull in spending time with the same people for a while, in part from language issues. I have been able to speak in Spanish much more effectively than I expected, but it is still a lot of effort and anxiety and so it can be tiring. Sometimes being anxious to connect with people means I make stupid jokes or talk too much or too dramatically.

Later in the afternoon when Carlos and I noticed we were both sitting to rest a bit, he asked for the guitar and taught me some new songs, one of which I especially liked. He allowed me to record them on video, which will help me learn not only the melody but the chords, since the video shows his left hand positions. I’ll need to copy out the words from the hymnal.

Image of Carlos playing guitar.


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