Yesterday our Godly Play lesson was about baptism.

There were rather a lot of materials to gather for this one! Three white circles for the Trinity, the pitcher and basin for the Father and Creator, the Paschal candle for the Son and Redeemer, and a dove and fragrant oil for the Spirit and Sustainer; plus a baby doll wrapped in white, smaller candles, matches, and a snuffer.


Lacking small white candles or a big white Christ candle, I improvised. While our breakfast apple crisp was in the oven, I softened some modeling beeswax on top of it, and used some of the yellow to make the cross to apply to the pale green candle — a model Paschal candle, which our church uses at baptisms. For our model baby and for Amy and me, I used the only other candles in the house. Our candle snuffer is a tablespoon. Our vial of fragrant oil was this orange-infused EVOO. The dove was formed from the same beeswax.

Amy, meanwhile, enjoyed making various creations from the other pieces of beeswax. Three people in the back row, and on the bottom row from left to right: Bed, baby cobra, evil eagle, baby, chalice, airplane, and purse.


After every lesson, Amy wants to do her own presentation of the materials. We don’t have art materials, practical life activities, or other response items in a dedicated Godly Play space — perhaps I ought to consider gathering a few such for each lesson and see if she ever chooses such works for the response time. With just the two of us, I don’t ever get to sit back and observe from any distance — her presentations always require me as audience.


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