Beginning Godly Play

Godly Play corner.

Godly Play is a Montessori-based Christian education program that involves story-telling with simple and beautiful figures and other materials, and open-ended wondering instead of lecture. Stories include sacred stories from Old and New Testaments, parables, and liturgical lessons about what goes on in church. It’s usually done in churches for Sunday School, but some folks have adapted it for homeschool. We do one story each week, on Wednesdays.

On the wall is a circle of the church year, showing the liturgical seasons in their colors, with an arrow pointing to the current week. The green areas are variable, since Christmas is a fixed date but Easter is variable, but that shouldn’t be a significant problem in using the wall hanging.

On the shelves so far are our movable Lego circle of the church year, a bunch of wooden peg people to be painted for use in various stories, a wooden figure of the risen Christ, and a bunch of animals for this week’s Noah’s ark story — I need to paint a Noah and his wife and make an ark out of something.

Lego circle of the church year.

On the movable circle, arrows point to the three great times of Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. (Amy still loves repeating the bit in the story about how Pentecost is red hot.) The pink yarn represents time.

Godly Play creation cards.

Last week’s story was creation — the good gifts God has given, and the day of resting and remembering these good gifts. Amy helped me with some of the cards.

Creating her own Godly Play story.

She has spent quite a bit of time making up her own stories using some of the Godly Play materials. Here she is telling her own creation story, in which God creates the man in the wash basin (a term she learned in the Little House books), also called the birthing basket — God creates every body part, plus all the clothes.

Later I heard “Then God said to the man, ‘It’s bedtime.'”

And “The girl was growing inside God for six years.”

And when the whole family was born / created, they all did the downward-facing dog yoga pose.


4 thoughts on “Beginning Godly Play

  1. Hi there, I just discovered your blog! I love the Circle of the Church Year made out of Legos!! Would you mind if I shared the picture with a link to you on my blog? I’m a GP trainer in Germany, and am always looking for ways to help people make their own materials.

    I also love hearing your little girl’s made-up story. Just what discovering faith is supposed to be like.: )

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