Not really resolutions

I might as well list here, mostly for myself, what all I need and want to do in the new year. Obviously the list is not going to encompass everything I care about and want to do — just the things I think need reminders or goal-setting and that I’m willing to share publicly.

1) Prepare for the beginning of homeschool. That includes thinking about what room(s) to use in what way(s) and any changes I might need to make or furniture I might want to build, doing a little curriculum / lesson planning, and buying and making materials to continue with Montessori math.

2) Continue in the Daily Office — morning and evening prayer — and when I’m able, attend Wednesday evening prayer and mass. The diocese is also doing a read-the-whole-Bible challenge and I would like to join in with that. I might also want to work on creating time and space for other spiritual disciplines, including solitude and silence, which are hard for me.

3) Finish the quilt! And then perhaps start to learn pattern drafting.

4) Progress in computer time management — two hours or less each day seems a reasonable goal right now. To do the wonderful things Facebook allows with more moderation, and turn Facebook off when I am doing something else. To continue blogging through Charlotte Mason, maybe through Thornton, along with other things.

5) Build a trundle bed with folding or removable legs — for use with the daybed as a king or two twins.

6) Maybe do more drawing. More serious drawing — perhaps a weekly self-portrait, or alternate those with a still life or something.

7) Maybe set up my old computer for home recording — and do some.

8) Go to bed by 10pm 5 nights a week.


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