How about that — I managed to get this daybed built in time for my parents’ visit this weekend. We don’t have an extra twin mattress lying around, so I put an air bed on it instead, for now. I blogged about getting started and making progress, too.

To make it easier to attach the front cleat and rail, I piled up some boards for them to rest on. In a similar moment of cleverness, I attached the side panels to the back panel by setting the back panel flat on some boards — high enough to comfortably drill sideways — and pushed against the wall so that it wouldn’t slide away as I was drilling.

Somehow I managed to create quite a few joins that mysteriously didn’t hold snugly together even though nothing was in the way.

In this case, the cleat was warped.

After the whole thing was assembled, I filled in all the holes — then two hours later sanded, touched up the already painted parts, and painted the slats. And went to (my own) bed.


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