Making progress

I really thought I’d taken a picture of all the boards laid out on scrap pieces over tarps for painting, but apparently I didn’t. You can see the scrap pieces piled up in front of the Christmas tree box, though, complete with paint stripes.

Today, in about three hours, I got the back panel and one side panel built.

Delaying factors:

1) The back panel was square at the bottom but not at the top — turned out the top piece was a bit short. I took it apart and redid it. It’s mostly square now.

2) I tried three drill bits on scrap wood, and thought the biggest worked fine, but on the actual pieces it wasn’t holding well enough, so I have a couple extra holes.

What’s left to do:

1) Build the other side panel.

2) Put the panels together with the posts, front rail, cleats, and top trim.

3) Touch up paint.

4) Sand the mattress slats and fasten in place.


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