I’m going to build a daybed. And eventually a folding-leg trundle to put under it. Thanks to Ana White for the plans! The design is intended for outdoor use, with a canopy, but I’m cutting the posts shorter to skip the canopy, and ours will be for inside.

Here’s the lumber — two 1x6s, two 2x2s, two 2x4s, five 1x2s, and fourteen 1x3s. And yes, it did take an hour or two to find the straight boards with the fewest knots. Cheaper wood requires more careful picking. (Mark’s latest batch of homebrew in the background.)

Amy took this one of me sawing. I tried the circular saw — too hard to line up precisely. Sure, with a lot of practice I’d get better at it, but I a) don’t want to take the time and b) don’t want to waste the wood.

Measure twice, cut once… borrowed Amy’s ruler. She took this picture, too.

And these are my fancy saw-horses.

All cut up — top left, pieces for side panels. Top right, scraps. Middle, slats to support mattress. Bottom, pieces for back panel.

I have been sanding corners and cut edges… after that I’ll fill in any knots and cracks and sand those — should have done that first!


3 thoughts on “Daybed

    • If I can, you can! You’ve done all sorts of other projects. The site where I got these plans has a lot of other plans — free — it’s so nice to work from plans!

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