Meal plan

We’re back in the school year, and I’m intending to get back into meal planning. I find it helpful to think about the week’s meals all at once and eliminate the daily “what do I feel like making tonight.” (It would be even more helpful if I could more often plan before Mark goes grocery shopping.)

Monday: Corn on the cob; zucchini noodles with pesto.

Mark grew some corn this year. Just two short rows, but enough for two meals.

To do the zucchini noodles, you peel long slices of zucchini (not including the pithy core), toss them in a colander or two with some salt (1 1/2 t for a baseball bat zucchini), let rest for ten or fifteen minutes, then squeeze them in a towel. Sauteed, they remind me of those translucent rice noodles.

Tomorrow Amy doesn’t have school but Mark does. While we’re home, I’ll also make bread for the next two weeks, the pesto, and tortillas for Wednesday.

Tuesday: Ginger beef with broccoli and carrots

A meal that one guy applied to me and I applied to Mark — continues to be a favorite.

Wednesday: Chicken soft tacos

I bought a poblano pepper and some mango salsa at the farmers market this weekend.

I found this recipe to make the seasoned shredded chicken in the crock pot. I want to make some broth at the same time, though, so I’ll slow-cook the chicken unseasoned, and after shredding what I want for the tacos, season it in a skillet — and probably ignore the recipe and season it my own way, especially since I don’t have a lime on hand. The bones and stuff will continue slow-cooking for Thursday’s meal.

Thursday: Tuscan soup with sausage, potatoes, and kale

First try with this kind of soup — I love it at the dining hall.


7 thoughts on “Meal plan

  1. Ha! I just signed in to WordPress to update my menu planning blog (it is melodysmenus at wordpress dot com) and yours was the first post that came up on my profile! That Tuscan soup sounds great — would you mind updating with how much it makes?

  2. Now that I’m doing the SAHM thing, I find menu planning so freaking helpful. Makes groceries easier, leaves my mind free for other things aside from “take burger out of freezer”, and I get to try some fun stuff. I make kale potato soup all the time..I like the spice from hot sausage but I hate the sausage in it. :p I do my planning 2 weeks at a time, and use excel to track the recipes, ingredients, etc. Yes, I’m a nerd 😀

    • I also saw some variations on this soup with white beans instead of potatoes. Nice to have more options for white beans. I have such a hard time just with five weekdays, can’t imagine doing two whole weeks at a time! One of the things I changed last year, including starting to meal plan, was doing some of the prep ahead of time — so twice a month I bake sandwich bread, once a month I make pasta, and once a month I make tortillas. That helps a lot, too, so that some meals aren’t so awful long to make.

      • Yeah, I’m starting to do that. Spent yesterday (and spending today) making enough treats for school and house for the next month or two…bread gets done every few days because I use the breadmaker..we don’t eat much pasta or anything but I try and chop/freeze what I can. Never thought I’d be so busy not working outside of the house!

      • We don’t do much pasta either — hence once a month. We tend to just use sandwich bread, although I ought to make hamburger rolls once in a while for those who like them. Perhaps someday I’ll get into sourdough again, if I could ever learn to make something other than a brick with it.

        I’ve seen some stuff on Pinterest lately about making sides and snacks for the week’s lunches ahead of time. Makes sense. Amy’s picky enough that her lunch is pretty much PB&J and a carrot and a piece of fruit each day.

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