Church Sketch 13

Quotations from two of the songs.

There’s going to be a parenting class based on this book. Looking at reviews, it sounds fairly innocuous, maybe even good overall, but hardly revolutionary. We both question a) whether twenty-somethings are the best gauge of good parenting, b) what bias is involved in defining and identifying spiritual “champions,” and c) how many families who practice the recommended things have children who are not spiritual “champions”?

The sermon was the final one (I think) in the series on choices. Todd Stillson preached. I appreciated his emphasis on the Bible — that any time we think we should take a stand on something, we need to be sure it’s rooted in truth and in abiding in God. It’s so easy — whatever the cause, however holy and righteous — to get caught up in activity and service and rhetoric and to forget God himself and our need to sit at his feet. The “I choose to take a seat” bit, with Mary at the feet of Jesus, is my addition.

I started a dancer doodle and it fit nicely with a line from one of the closing songs.


4 thoughts on “Church Sketch 13

  1. I absolutely LOVE that last “doodle”!!!!! It would be nice frames. I’m frustrated about the take a stand on the Bible thing right now, because I was recently accused of backsliding for not being in the same place I once was on modesty. I DO read the same Bible!

    • Thanks, Sandi! Ah, yes — when you know your changing views are still rooted in God and the Bible, but others don’t see how that could be. It’s hard! It’s hard enough for me when my own views change!

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