Church sketch 12

I had a dream last night that, among other things, included me saying “I want to be in a boat on the edge of rough water.” It was one of those things highly invested with feeling and meaning, even though the words don’t seem to say much on their own. It might have to do with trepidation mixed with yearning — on the edge is safer than IN the rough water. In the dream, though, I seem to remember that the rough water did NOT stay safely near the boat — I think the waves crashed in, and perhaps even swept the boat away or overwhelmed it entirely.

The song lyrics in the water are from the first song in the service — I think — “One thing remains” by Jesus Culture Music on their Come Away album.

The sermon was another in the series on choices. It was based on 1 Corinthians 13, the chapter that talks about love as the top priority. There’s a clanging cymbal there, with a drum beside it, and a high horse for all sorts of arrogance and jealousy and rudeness and the like. For our pastor, Scott, the message seemed to especially hinge on prioritizing family over work. I think for other folks it might be about other things — it makes me think, for example, of the Chick-Fil-A controversy, and the way we can get so caught up in a cause that we stop seeing — and loving — people.

A bit of humor — family IS important, but not at all mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13, nor in the two greatest commandments. We do well to remember that our neighbor can be a family member and not just the objects of our ministry people we desire to reach in our ministry.

Random cat doodle that started with a lidded eye. It is interesting to consider where “random” doodles come from — what sparks the various ideas that pop up, what influences which we choose to follow, what influences how a doodle progresses from its beginning.

The last song was “Behold our God” — which brought to mind these other two songs. One by a local band in the 80s called Saved By Grace: “Here we are — standing by the throne; it’s so good to see you, Jesus.” The other, from college InterVarsity meetings, “Behold, bless the Lord, ye servants of the Lord, who stand by night in the house of the Lord…” I was singing this one on my way home from picking green beans in the dark at our CSA farm Friday evening.


2 thoughts on “Church sketch 12

  1. I don’t often comment, but I love your sketches and commentary. They are interesting, inspired, inspiring, instructional, and intriguing. (I could come up with more adjectives, but thought I’d stick with words that start with i. Lol.)

    your comment about random doodles: I have no idea where they come from or what influences them, but it’s always interesting to see what comes out of my pencil when I doodle.

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