Church sketch 11

Today we attended the church we belonged to when we lived in Virginia. It was encouraging and refreshing.

I think one of the first songs mentioned trees…

The fellow commissioning a short term team encouraged them to interact with people as Jesus would — with eye contact and a smile. A little cheesy, maybe, if it’s put on — but a good reminder that Jesus really SEES people.

From one of my most favorite hymns, Jesus Lover of My Soul — different tune than I’d heard before — a nice one.

Mercy. How good it is to be bathed in God’s mercy — in songs like Thy Mercy O God.

The sermon was about the Holy Spirit. The text was a verse — Matthew, I think — where Jesus tells his followers that when he leaves, the Father will send another helper to them.

The word for helper is “paraclete,” and it includes the idea of a legal helper, an advocate or friend in court. Also, Amy’s been enjoying playing Star Wars stuff with her friend JT, and when the pastor talked about the Spirit showing us Christ, pointing us to Christ, I thought of that scene where R2D2 shows Leia’s message to Obi-Wan.

I liked this point about not seeking the gifts of the Spirit — the miraculous and wonderful powers he gives — above the fruit of the Spirit — the character qualities he produces in believers. Not that there’s anything wrong about his gifts… but that it’s easy to get caught up in show.

Lovely song, including the lines “All will be well,” and another “All is well” and again “All must be well,” because of God’s loving sovereignty.

Another of my favorite hymns, O Love that will not let me go. Envisioning God as stay-listening, staying with me, the little child caught up in big feelings, holding a safe space and warm connection.


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