I often share on Facebook links to at least a few of the parenting posts I’ve read recently. Why not do the same here?

Pigtail Pals and Ballcap Buddies blogs about the sexualization of children and about other unnecessary limitations. They also sell clothes and stuff that promote healthier ideas about gender and bodies and the like.

Here’s an older article from Rebecca Hains on how kids can often bypass the limitations that are so strident in the toy aisle and commercials, playing with the nastiest toys in the most creative and healthy ways.

How about a line of dolls with natural-looking faces and decent clothes — and they’re culturally diverse, too, and less expensive than American Girl.

And Janet Lansbury discusses reasonable limits with respect for both child and parent. I especially appreciate her emphasis on the annoyance factor:

…Since a relationship takes two, our needs and feelings are just as important as our child’s. Yes, we make many sacrifices as parents, but ultimately, the relationship has to work for both of us.

Since we are the adults in charge, we are the only ones capable of protecting our relationship from being one of resentment, dishonesty, distrust, dislike. This is why I believe in giving boundaries to prevent the “annoyance factor” — meaning whenever possible, we don’t give children the freedom to irritate us through their behavior.

…Also, when we placate children by allowing them to do what we don’t really want them to do, we end up being the ones who want to explode, and that can be dangerous.

Do we want our children to grow up believing they are annoying, unpleasant people … and very possibly fulfilling that prophecy?


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