Carousel dress

I’ve been working on sleeves for the carousel dress.

I am not sure what I think. It’s nice and puffy — maybe too puffy, even for the girl who adores puffy sleeves. And is there too much fabric at the underarm? And would everything look better if a) I made the short rows shorter from the beginning (at first I was adding four at each end, instead of the standard one (because I hadn’t researched what was standard)) — and if b) I had distributed the unpuffifying decreases all around instead of in the upper two thirds or three quarters? And c) I am four rows into a ruffle edge — a rolled edge didn’t look nice in this yarn — hoping a ruffle will look good.


5 thoughts on “Carousel dress

  1. Not bad, and thanks for asking. I do so enjoy keeping up with you all, and watching Amy grow. Kind of like reliving my own children’s childhood. Still trying to play harp, never getting to a professional level like you, but enjoying the journey. Many Blessings to you all. Sherj

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