Church sketch 7

Love Week is a relatively new thing at our church. Folks get involved in any number of service projects during the week, with the idea that it may spark continuing service when the week is over. It’s coming up sometime this month.

One of the ladies on the worship team… my proportions / spatial relations are pretty off, but other bits are okay, and it was fun fitting the words in and around.

These next four are sermon notes. Only the most token basic typical clip art type doodles this time. Sometimes it’s hard to use images instead of words, and when you do images AND words, sometimes the words crowd out any image ideas.

Those parentheses with the tic marks are a way of marking my own thoughts when I’m taking notes, to distinguish them from the thoughts of the speaker or author.

Finally, a little doodle that started with Communion — me as the disciple Jesus loved — wish I’d done better getting my eyes to look at him; as it is, it looks like I’m eying the bread. Then the words of a song’s chorus around the edge. I’ve always loved the image of God as the “lifter of my head” and that “all my days are in his faithful hands.”

We also sang a song that has many good lyrics — Everlasting by Hillsong. But there’s a couple lines that absolutely make me cringe, and one is in the oft-repeated chorus, so it’s definitely not one of my favorite songs.

From the chorus, “Consume me from the inside out” sounds awful — change me, renew me, love me, cleanse me, refine me — any of those would be great, but not consume. Lord, please don’t eat me. Don’t use me all up.

And “The art of losing myself in bringing You praise” — well, Lewis said that the more we give ourselves to God*, the more we become our true selves. (And in another book, he said, “How can we see him face to face, till we have faces?”) It’s not about becoming nothing, unaware of ourselves, a drop in the cosmic bucket. God made us persons for a reason — and whatever losing our life / self means, it doesn’t mean ceasing to be a person with self-awareness, personality, interests, will, desires, thoughts, feelings, and the whole thing. It’s about priorities and authority and that sort of thing. I don’t want to be admiring or worrying about myself as I praise God — and I think the focus on God and desire to please him is what the line is getting at. But I also don’t want to lose the sense of being a person, my own self, while praising him. It’s about integration, connection, union, not about annihilation or consumption.

*This article is partly about capitalism, but if you skip the intro and conclusion, the middle deals with Lewis on reward, selfishness, and self-interest. Relates nicely to the “Heaven is a place of reward” sketch above, as well as to this song lyric.


2 thoughts on “Church sketch 7

  1. LOL~When I hear consume I think FIRE rather than EAT! That made me chuckle! And I think about David losing himeself enough to dance nekkid… I can see a positive in that! That I said that makes me chuckle, too! LOVE your sketches! Love, love, LOVE!!!!

    • Fire — good one! Lord, don’t burn me up either. And, while I’m sure David was not thinking much of what others might think of his dancing, I’m not sure he “lost himself” — not in the sense of ceasing to be aware of himself as a person, or ceasing to be a person or a self — I think he just was so in the moment, so present, so full of worship, perhaps even so secure in himself, that he danced. I don’t think the naked thing was as much a big deal then as it would be now… at least I know the Greeks competed naked… maybe other ancients as well?

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