Church Sketch 6

I sketched this thinking of a particular friend, and in general of depression, and how we describe it as a dark cloud sometimes, and imagining the dark cloud as a soft place of rest, like a cocoon during metamorphosis, or like winter as the ground rests and gets ready for spring — and that last image comes from a post my particular friend wrote.

As we sang this song, I was thinking about the themes of redemption and invitation, and especially the bit about our sin being carried far away, as far as the east is from the west. I tried a bit of foreshortening to emphasize how far away that sin is flung.

The sermon series on heaven continued this week.

How carefully we have to tread when we talk to suffering people about God’s glory, his purpose in suffering, even his redemption of suffering. It so often comes across as making light of the suffering, and / or accusing the sufferer of selfishness. There is tremendous glory in God’s redemption of creation, including the suffering — it is a glory to be revealed to us, not kept away from us or held over us — our whole story will be caught up in his, not as if we’re pawns in a game, but because we are significant in his eyes, the delight of his eyes, his beloved.

I thought I’d include a shot of the whole page, too.


3 thoughts on “Church Sketch 6

  1. I absolutely love these you know….I wish I would have had this type of perspective on scripture in school…maybe I wouldn’t be such an atheist now. 🙂

    • Thank you! There are a great many perspectives on scripture — you could certainly read it for yourself at this season of life and see what happens.

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