Another chocolate cake

I am on a quest for a naturally sweetened whole wheat chocolate layer cake. The ones I have tried before have been on the heavy and dry side.

This one, while not the fluffy delight a cake mix always turns out, was moist, rich, chocolatey, and smooth. Still heavy and dense, but not badly so. It reminded me of a chocolate mousse cake. I would make it again… but I would still like to find a fluffy one! I know, I need to get some sucanat and give that a try… and maybe see if I could find whole wheat pastry flour — ultra grain is as close as we can get at our local stores.

I made it with this swiss meringue buttercream, sweetened with maple syrup and turbinado sugar, except I used butter instead of shortening. Absolutely fantastic. The only problem was there wasn’t quite enough — I think one and a half recipes would do better next time.

I was disappointed with the chocolate ice cream — sometimes I am sensitive to a different taste in the raw milk and cream we get — not quite sure how to describe it other than “grassy” or “redolent of barnyard.” Mark couldn’t tell — but he didn’t think it was chocolatey enough.


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