Church sketch

Recently a friend linked to Makoto Fujimura’s essay on Visual Theology, which led me to John Hendrix’s Drawings in church. I have no idea how Hendrix can create something so comprehensive and cohesive during a sermon, without knowing all the bits ahead of time. Anyway, I decided to swap my usual knitting for my sketchbook this week, and here is the sum total of my churchy doodling from today.

A few lines from a song:

A newcomer’s lunch was announced… along with some form of the word “assimilation;” they of course meant it as helping folks fit in, feel welcome, get a sense of belonging, but I was thinking of the Borg.

The sermon text was Daniel 9:20-27, in which archangel Gabriel interrupts Daniel’s prayer of repentance — personal and on behalf of his nation — to tell him that God will act, that there will be an end to sin and an end to the exile — Jesus himself is both.

Scott (our pastor) interprets this passage from the perspective of Dispensationalism. We’re more on the Covenant Theology side of things, but we’re also quite interested in N. T. Wright’s historical perspective.


13 thoughts on “Church sketch

  1. Interesting about the Dispensationalism. I know I’ve been where that has been the prevailing thought, but in reading this NT Wright book we bought about reading the Bible, I like his take on things concerning this. Still reading, but this makes sense so far.

  2. Very nice Marcy. My kids love to draw during the sermon. I tell them to try to draw something that comes to mind as they listen to our pastor. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t, but I’m going to show them yours for inspiration! Laughed out loud with the Newcomers Lunch. So funny!

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