At last!

One Monday, I impulsively decided THIS was the day to buy or make shelves. After finding nothing suitable ready-made, I sat down in the bathroom section of Lowe’s to sketch and plan, while Amy enjoyed looking at all the plumbing fixtures.

Many weeks later, here are the shelves.

A Lowe’s employee cut the plywood for me — some pieces a bit too long, some a bit too short, most with gaps in the cut edges and knot holes on one side or both.

First there was wood filler. Then there was sanding. And more of both.

Then there was attempting to nail the things together. The nails liked to go just crooked enough to burst out the sides. There was much nail removal, much re-application of the hammer and the glue.

There was gluing and trimming extra bits to the two shelves that were too short.

Then there was painting. And re-nailing the unit that fell apart. And re-nailing the other unit that fell apart. And adding back braces to those two units. And more painting. And finding that the second partial can of bathroom paint was not in fact the exact same shade as the first can, although I have no idea how that happened.

Then, penultimately, there was the sawing off of the edges of the two shelves that were just a hair too long, and refusing to paint the newly-cut edges.

Finally, toting them downstairs and installing the shelves and their contents. Woo-hoo! More accessible, easy to use, easy to organize, storage for Amy stuff!


9 thoughts on “At last!

    • Thanks! In an ideal world, what I’d really like is to have lower shelves, built-in, around the L on the other side of the room, low enough to be seats with long cushions, and made of good wood painted fresh white. But this is certainly adequate for now, and Mark and Amy like them a lot.

    • Yes, my mom made that rug — it’s really nice. She put fabric paint on the back that’s supposed to make it non-slip, but it didn’t work out quite as expected.

  1. nice job handylady! Doesn’t it feel good to accomplish something on your own!
    Oh, and to make a rug nonstick you can put beads of caulk on it. I bet you could do the clear and it wouldn’t show through.

    • I do enjoy making stuff, especially when it works okay! You might be right about the caulk — I’d have to go look, but it might be clear caulk she put on and not dimensional paint.

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