A doll for school

I made this doll for the fundraising auction for Amy’s Montessori school. I hope she gets some high bids!

She is made from two t-shirts, thrifted yarn and fabric, fabric leftover from quilting, new thread and stuffing, and a zipper rescued from a thrifted shirt.

I’ve never drafted long sleeves before — and it worked! I don’t think I’d know how to do them non-puffy, but I’ve sewn enough sleeves from patterns that I know the general shape of the cap, and it was good enough for this project, AND Amy loves puffy sleeves. (I used a piece of yarn to measure the armscye, and then laid it out in the shape of a sleeve cap and traced it.)

Her face is simple like a Waldorf doll’s face, to foster greater flexibility and creativity in play. A true Waldorf doll would not even be smiling, but have a simple barely-curved mouth.

Because her head is fairly flat, the Waldorf-style wig didn’t lie quite right — I chose to stitch down the hair in back to keep it smooth — and to better hide the knots from the facial embroidery.

Her head, arms, legs, and body are all separate pieces. The legs were stuffed first and sewn into the body. When the body and head were stuffed, they were sewn together. Then the arms were added. I learned about this kind of arm from the Waldorf doll we got for Amy when she was younger.

I’ve never ruffled an appliqué before — sure was challenging, although it might well have been easier than ironing under the edges of a regular appliqué. The heart came out a little wonky but is still cute.

I attached the zipper with the kind of stitch that you can use to invisibly close the opening of a stuffed item. It’s visible on the inside in this case, but invisible on the outside. And the bodice lining is whip-stitched to the gathers of the skirt, a technique I learned from making Amy’s baptismal dress.


8 thoughts on “A doll for school

  1. Of course Amy wants one now, and a group of boys at the school who saw me working on it asked me to make a boy doll — not enough time for this year’s auction, but maybe next year. It would involve such scary things as figuring out pants and boy hair, though, not to mention non-puffy sleeves.

    • Everyone starts at the beginning, for sure — as I told someone else, you should have seen the first doll I made — she was all out of proportion and had ridiculous hair.

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