Mamatography Week 7

This week’s pictures for Mamatography. I only have four this week — got off track until Saturday, and then didn’t get around to taking one today. For any of you other Mamatographers, I often have these posts password-protected when they include pictures of my little girl. Luschka emailed the password out to the group a while ago, after first including an incorrect password in a group email, but if any of you have misplaced it I’d be happy to send it to you again.

Big fat fluffy flakes — my favorite kind of snow. Not much fell, and it’s disappearing already. The mild winter has been nice in some ways, but I find myself missing deep snow.

Latest in my series of wine-bottle accessories. This is a little red dress and floral headband. It’s kind of hard to make a dress look flattering on a bottle! I think the next attempt will have a fuller skirt to add more shape.

I made some labels for them, with a little space to write the price. They didn’t come out as clear as I’d have liked — probably partly due to using GIMP instead of PhotoShop, and partly because I was printing on scrapbooking card stock. Shaina has the hat and scarf set and the red dress set on display in her fitness studio; thanks, Shaina!

Making quesadillas last night for our lunch today. They’re certainly not hot and gooey the next day, but they’re still very tasty cold, and easier to cut.


7 thoughts on “Mamatography Week 7

  1. At least you’re getting some snow – we haven’t had any to speak of. I think one inch, once. I am so sad about this, but that’s another story. hehe Love, Love, Love the wine bottle accessories. I have misplaced the password for your pictures, so if you don’t mind please send it my way I would love to see the past few weeks. Just comment on my blog and I won’t accept it, that way it will remain private and I will have it because I will just leave it there.

    • Thank you, Luschka — I enjoyed participating, but have decided it’s one of the things that had to go in order to cut down on my time online.

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