Gentle Christians

In my continuing interest in gentle parenting, grace-based discipline, natural, respectful, positive, whatever you want to call it parenting, I have most recently been following these resources:

Janet Lansbury of Elevating Childcare
Lisa Sunbury of Regarding Baby
Gauri of Loving Earth Mama
Teacher Tom Hobson
Karen of Kloppenmum

And, mostly, Hand in Hand Parenting.

All of these folks are writing from either a secular perspective or from a faith background other than Christian. I believe in common grace — the idea that God sprinkles truth and beauty everywhere — and therefore I don’t have any problems with learning from secular or other religious resources.

On the other hand, there’s something else, a kind of refreshment, in finding other Christians who are interested in this side of the parenting spectrum. Through Loving Earth Mama, I discovered first Pearl in Oyster, then Dulce de Leche, then various others through their links. Here’s a beginning list of some Christian resources:

Pearl in Oyster
Dulce de Leche
Dare to Disciple
Gentle Christian Mothers
GOYB Parenting

One of the things I am thinking about lately is obedience, respect, habit formation, and the like — in other words, I don’t intend to be a permissive parent who has no boundaries, sets no limits, shrugs, and lets the kid get away with murder if she doesn’t feel like changing course when I politely ask her to, please. But I am quite sure I don’t want to go about obedience training in a punitive way, or in a way that is disrespectful, unrealistic, unhelpful, ineffective for the long term, unkind, not appropriate for Amy’s maturity / age / stage of life.

I am thinking about things like cleaning up, getting ready, or otherwise taking responsibility; and not *always* throwing or being rude as a first response to frustration or disappointment. I am thinking about where I might need to step in and act more, to help, to participate, to prepare, to prevent.


6 thoughts on “Gentle Christians

  1. Ha Ha Ha! Sorry! I was reading your post as an invite to explore some of the Christian sites that you mentioned. So I was saying that I was going to go “there” as soon as I could find some time. 🙂 I’m so grateful that you have the time to research many of these issues, as I seem to have slowed down after around number three was born.

    • Well, I’ve been putting a lot of time into it, and I don’t think it’s all wasted, but it’s been unbalanced… I need to remember to just live, too!

  2. “Fish swim, birds fly, and people feel.”

    -Dr. Haim Ginott

    Ginott has taught me a lot about the empathy that is so crucial for parenting. Feelings are an integral part of what we are. Of what our children are.
    They need to feel that they have been heard and understood. We might not accept their behaviour, but we ought to empathise with their emotions.

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