Mamatography Week 3

Another week of pictures for Mamatography.

Mark got a can of crabmeat in his stocking. It became quiche last Wednesday, with bacon and cheddar and romano cheeses. Mmmm. Used a brown butter crust.

I’ve been crocheting produce bags for a month or so… mindless and easy, slow and tedious… and sometimes on such projects one gets a little punchy.

I didn’t really expect her to agree to my suggestion that she shovel the driveway. She did the porch and one whole swathe from garage to road.

She asked to play in the sink. And later, she got to use a sponge to clean up the mirror, counter, and floor.

There’s a thread on Ravelry where people post pictures of the ugliest things they’ve knitted or crocheted, and I finally got around to taking a picture of this, my first sweater, in all its mostly-acrylic-with-bits-of-mohair glory — simultaneously bulky and oddly flat, too warm, too tight under the arms, and absolutely shapeless. It feels and looks so ridiculous on, that I was surprised how little its ludicrosity shows in the picture.

I used to have one of these Tomy Tuneyville Choo Choo trains. It runs around in a circle playing records by some kind of whistle. I really wanted one for Amy when she was little, but on Ebay they run from around $50 to $150 depending on condition and what all it comes with. So, even though Amy is five now, when I saw this one in a bag with two other baby toys at the thrift store for $5, I bought it on impulse. It was in a sealed bag, and I didn’t really even try to look closely at it. Turns out it doesn’t work, even with batteries in it, and even though Mark managed to take it apart, he couldn’t find anything to fix inside. Fortunately, there is YouTube to hear what it sounds like, and Amy likes it even without the music and movement.

Aaaand last night I knitted a tiny hat and a tiny sock for the phonetic works in Amy’s Montessori class, but my camera batteries died; PhotoBooth couldn’t seem to get anymore focused and clear than this.


15 thoughts on “Mamatography Week 3

    • Someone on Ravelry offered to adopt the sweater, so I mailed it off. I wish the picture really showed how awful it is! We tend to get a lot of snow — there hasn’t actually been that much this winter. This was a medium one, and today we had another medium one, and we’ve had a few little ones.

  1. What a mom you are to be willing to say “yes” to the messy sink play. I’m sure it was great fun! I love that you crocheted miniature items for language materials, too – I imagine Amy’s teacher loves you for it! I would have been thrilled to have those in my classroom when I was teaching 🙂

    • Sometimes — *sometimes* — I can accept messy play. I bet if I’d been in there, I wouldn’t have let it get quite so messy — better that I was elsewhere and just stepped in at a good time to point to cleaning up. And yes, the little hat and sock were a hit — I’m going to make more for the other early childhood classrooms. Were you a Montessori teacher?

  2. What a wonderful glance in to your week. I bet the snow shoveling kept her busy for quite some time, not to mention great exercise – excellent suggestion Momma. 🙂

    • And not having someone over her shoulder meant she could shovel her own way as much or as little as she liked. Someday I suppose there’ll be more room for doing things “properly” — I’m still considering what I think about such things.

  3. Hi… I’m sorry to disturb, ‘just found your blog while searching for documentation re. the Tomy Tuneyville Choo Choo train. I have one that dates back to my infancy, wanted to give it too my little one, but… it’s not working properly either (no surprise there given the age…) I wanted to have a look inside too, “just in case”, but I’m stuck: I’m not at all sure how to safely proceed to remove the rear wheels axis… Apparently, your husband managed that bit… if you or he has 5’ to explain how, that would be great!!
    Best regards,

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