Mamatography Week 1

I’ve joined Luschka at Diary of a First Child for this year’s Mamatography challenge — a picture a day, posted weekly.

I forgot to take any pictures yesterday — oops! — but here are the pictures from the rest of this first partial week.

Amy (5) has had tea parties at a friend’s house, and I thought she might like her own tea set. We ordered one that turned out to be too small, and then found this one at an antique store. The size is really perfect — big enough that it’s worth using for real tea, but small enough for her to manage most of the pieces herself. She’s enjoyed playing very carefully with it at the table with her dolls, and we’ve had a whole family tea party complete with cookies, too.

One of Amy’s presents from her grandparents was this little butterfly box to decorate. She had a grand time painting it and applying glitter and a jewel. She keeps her money in it now — theoretically. Last I looked, there was a plastic Mardi Gras coin in there.

This is the original set we ordered. Look how tiny it is! If I’d known, I would never have asked for it. I’m not much for keeping tiny things that need to be dusted and can’t be used, and while you could serve a swallow of tea with it, it doesn’t seem worth the effort. Beautiful, though, isn’t it? I just listed it on Ebay, and the name only shows on one side…

(Pssst… don’t tell Amy about this little set — she has no idea it ever existed.)


12 thoughts on “Mamatography Week 1

  1. That teaset is SOO cute! I must tell you I am so excited about things like that wooden box and so on as Ameli gets older, and whenever I see fun projects like that I have to stop myself from buying it and sticking it in the cupboard for the next three years!

    • It is a cute project. It’s sort of in between — not completely open-ended, but not “insert this tab here” assembly-craft either. She certainly decorated it her own way!

  2. I love that first set! So cute. Aellyn got a plastic talking set from her grandparents /eyesroll. Looking forward to getting her something she can cherish!

  3. Love it! You’ve got a great eye for detail, Amy is all getting creative AND you managed not to show baby-face in the photos (yet?) – home run! (to adopt a local expression – lol). Love the tea set you are keeping – so vintage, soooo yummy! Great start to the project. Love it!!

    • I’ve been debating that, Gauri — I would love to document Amy this year more fully, but I normally password-protect all photos of her that I post here. I haven’t decided how I want to handle that with this challenge. I don’t really want to do a private version and a public one. And yes, the set is vintage — marked Bavaria, but not sure how old.

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