Amy’s camera

I just uploaded all the pictures from Amy’s camera that she got for her second birthday. I haven’t uploaded any since June 2009, apparently! There were over two hundred, and that’s not including all the ones she’s taken and trashed. Her favorites included things like pictures of videos she was watching on youtube, all the pictures of her blanket, pictures of toys, of the new CD player, of Mark’s mentees, and such. Most of them are blurry.

These are my favorites:

Watermelon and tomatoes. I love the composition and the color contrasts.

Milk and stuff. This kid looooves her milk.

Mark eating watermelon. Intriguing framing.

The best beloved. I like how the feet are included.

Ceiling fan. Nicely composed with the fan hovering upper right.

Lamp. This might be my overall favorite, for composition and light and shadow.

Tomato sprouts. Lovely how the light shines through the translucent leaves. And she captured something I had forgotten to take a picture of.

Kitchen drawer. Lovely colors. And, again, interesting how it's framed -- what gets cut off, what parts are included.

Floor. Another nice one for lines and lights and shadows.

Daddy. Love that light and dark; and still crisp.

Hands. Grandma P's hands; lovely framing.

Hair. Grandma P again. The curls fill the frame.

Christmas tree. I guess she moved the camera after clicking -- such neat lines.

Family group. The only clear shot of many she took of these and other figures.

It’s interesting what she chooses to photograph — the ridiculously ordinary, the best beloved…

I realize that a lot of what I love about these particular pictures — the framing, composition, colors and lighting and lines, is completely out of Amy’s intention or consciousness, considering how many of her other pictures are dark, blurry, and so on, without bothering her in the least. I think it’s a rather difficult camera to use, with a small screen, hard to keep it still long enough, and no cues to help with lighting and focus. But I think as / if she gets interested in such things, she’ll be able to get better with it. No matter — I like these, and she likes just about every picture she takes. And if she doesn’t like one — or even if she does — she knows how to delete it.


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