Happy New Year

Hi friends and family!

We were to have our biennial New Year’s celebration with our Virginia friends, but alas, they came down with the norovirus. Instead, we were able to celebrate with local friends with a fantastic fondue party. Perhaps the best part was that they turned their clock ahead to Rio de Janeiro time, so that at 9:00 we could taste our champagne and call it a night.

Nah, the best part was the cheese. B and A made the cheese with a recipe from some family-friendly site, so it was made with apple cider instead of beer or wine. The cheeses were brie and mozzarella, flavored with a bit of mustard, salt, and pepper. Fantastic. Extremely yummy. I don’t even usually like the cheese course. Also? They lightly steamed the broccoli. So it actually tasted good with the cheese. (Apparently, the mushrooms also benefited from their light sauté.) And good bread and the thinnest apple slices. Mmmmmm. L and J’s pastured beef and chicken and broth was fantastic as well, and I dare say our chocolate was pretty fantastic too, with brownies, pretzel rods, bananas, and cinnamon graham crackers plus L and J’s Rice Krispies treats.

We sure are bummed to have missed our VA friends, though. Littlest one is nearly two years old and we were especially looking forward to meeting her.

So, anyway, I haven’t done much reflection on the year as a whole, but I think I’m going to do a few things somewhat resolution-like.

1) Back to the desserts-in-moderation guideline: no more than two sweets in a week, and some weeks can have none or one. This way I can thoroughly enjoy whatever the sweet is, and also have a clear guide to help against overindulgence.

2) I am finally leaving disgusting GoDaddy. I am either going to transfer my domain registration to Canvas Dreams or to Gandi.net, whose prices are comparable but who have better ethics. Canvas Dreams is even committed to sustainability.

3) I signed up for a daily photography challenge at Mamatography, which should be fun.

Nothing else comes to mind right now, but I may come back and add something later.


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