Dear Jesus,

Thank you that I am alive, with plenty of clothes, a strong safe house, food to eat, a secure job for my husband.

Thank you that I have a husband who loves me as best he can, and a daughter whose burning fire is a delight and a crucible for my sanctification. Thank you for extended family, including grandparents who love Amy and let us get away from her sometimes.

Thank you that I have some friends who understand, who respect, who empathize, who take interest, who pay attention, who listen, who are interesting, kind, and available.

Thank you that my drive to create finds some satisfaction in music, scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, gardening, cooking, blogging, and other pursuits.

Thank you that the earth still turns and the sun still shines and the rain still comes and goes, and that there is a growing number of people who are working to find and promote more sustainable ways of living.

Thank you that you are mine, and I am yours, despite many things.

Thank you that I am who I am, and that it’s okay.

2010 “Though the fig tree does not bud…
2009 Thanksgiving prayer poem
2008 How I spent my Thanksgiving vacation
2007 Home again
2006 Thanksgiving, deep in PPD, days after Amy comes home

And, to all the black holes out there today, who feel the howling yowling wasteland, my heart goes out to you today, and I hope that your list of things you’re thankful for doesn’t feel paltry, a mockery, and a slap in the face. May you hold the gratitude for real, and the grief and rage and terror for real, and may peace find you.


6 thoughts on “Thanks

    • Awww, thanks, Tamara. I cannot believe I still haven’t posted the next Charlotte Mason bit. I’ve read it, and thought about it, but just haven’t written anything yet. Maybe soon. Big hugs to your family, too. Whenever you’re ready for that fabulous Midwest vacation just let us know.

  1. I know! I’ve read it too and just haven’t gotten around to it. In time. And speaking of Midwest vacation, we are headed to Montana in May, but John and the kids may be the only ones driving, Hazel and I might fly, I’m thinking she will be too young for a 25 hour trip. We’ll see.

  2. Montana! Mark will be envious. Aren’t you glad that you get to go with Hazel? Flying sounds a lot better than 25 hours in the car, even with airport waiting and layovers.

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