Ice cream

I found a Waring Ice Cream Parlor at the Salvation Army for $3, and tested it last week with a chocolate custard-based ice cream.

We bought a share in a dairy herd this school year so that we could get raw milk and other dairy stuff. Here is what the raw cream looks like in the pot — so thick we had to shake the bottle to get it out.

Heating the milk, cream, maple syrup, and eggs reduces the nutritional content that a raw recipe would preserve; raw dairy and eggs are very low-risk when they come from good farms, but I felt better about cooking the custard first. And hey — it’s still nutritionally miles beyond just about any ice cream I could buy in a store.

The finished custard is ready to cool in the fridge. Mmmm, chocolate.

Ordinary ice, ordinary salt, and cold water in the outer chamber, and the cream can rotates around the stationary dasher. It froze in about twenty minutes. At this point it’s soft serve, but you can put it in the freezer to harden, or ripen. Getting it all into a freezer container was challenging, but I didn’t mind having to lick the dasher and scrape the cream can afterwards.

I really did intend to get a picture of the finished ice cream…


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