Songs and chairs

No one thinks a carpenter should be happy to make chairs to give away, or to have people sneak in to his shop and steal the chairs because they like them so much.

And so, musicians and other creators of intellectual property argue that they should not be expected to be happy about theft of their music or other works, either.

And yet, a song is not a chair.

A song, once made, can be nearly instantly copied and transferred and shared. It’s no extra work for the musician to make another copy of the song — the publishing and manufacturing costs (once the creative work is done) are fairly minimal per unit.

I guess that could also be true for mass-produced chairs… but not quite in the same way as music — there’s no digital downloads of chairs, for example.

Alright, this is only partially thought-out; a garrulous young person is making it hard to think, much less string any thoughts together.

Suffice it to say that the question of intellectual property, theft, copyright, and so on, is not simple.


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