Better bread, and tomato cream sauce

Sherry tomato cream sauce. Yum. Lots of parmesan in there. Unfortunately, the basil doesn’t seem to taste good anymore — and I never did get around to making pesto to freeze. Maybe I just put too much in this sauce. Hmmm.

I made bread again, for the first time since my last post. I used just a bit less honey, and kneaded it forever. Found a great tip that if your thumbprint springs back you’re done kneading, and if it doesn’t spring back, the bread is done rising.

This bread looks and smells and feels much better (haven’t tasted it yet). It’s got a soft and springy texture and is not crumbly. It is still too light in the middle (not at the top this time), but doesn’t quite look like it’ll fall apart like the previous loaves. Might try either less yeast or an even shorter rise next time.

I would still like to have oats in it, and seeds and such… but need to deal with this texture issue first, I suppose.


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