I have been making this bread recipe for many months now — over a year? — and often it turns out just fine. But lately it seems every time it is doing this weird thing where the bottom part is very nice but the top part falls apart.

Is it rising too much before going in the oven? Not enough? Some other issue?


Apparently, crumbly bread with a coarse grain and holes has likely risen too long and in too warm a place. Other issues that cause crumbliness are not kneading enough, not mixing enough, or having too much flour.


5 thoughts on “Bread

  1. I have only been making my own bread for about a year, and because it was saving us so much money over store bought bread, I cheated and got a Bosch Universal Plus to do all my kneading.

    So, I am not really an expert, but as no one else responded, I wonder if the bread is overproofed?

    Additionally, none of my family is intolerant to gluten, so I started adding homemade dough enhancer to my loaves.It has fixed a multitude of problems.

    I followed your link frorm (((Sandi)))’s blog (titus2woman)

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. I’ve heard great things about that mixer — I have an old 50s Sunbeam Mixmaster, but I seem to get better results kneading by hand — at least when I knead enough!

    I did a little research after posting, and found several troubleshooting charts that seem to indicate too long and/or too warm a rising, and perhaps not enough kneading. None of us are sensitive to gluten that we know of, but I’m still trying to limit our intake. I’d love to learn how to make sourdough, sprouted, and / or soaked breads that are actually tasty and good for sandwiches, but my attempts in those directions have not been very satisfying!

  3. Hi Marcy, I’m so glad you are still using the bread recipe I shared. Making bread is like raising kids. You think you have it down and then something else comes up that needs fixing. I hope you’ve resolved the issue. I just recently got the Pullman Loaf pan and have been experimenting with recipes in it. It is a lovely pan and well worth the money, just have to get the right bread to bake in it. Love it because it makes one long even loaf (kinda like store slice bread), perfect for sandwiches and toast. Problem is, half the loaf is gone before I get it bagged. 🙂

  4. Hi Tamara,

    The Pullman loaf pan sounds interesting! I don’t mind a rounded top crust, and since your recipe makes two normal loaves, it’s sufficient for now. But we have a far smaller crowd eating bread around here, so it lasts us a while!

    I haven’t even baked bread since I posted this. Am planning to tomorrow. I will spend extra time and attention on kneading, and be sure to watch more carefully during the rise, and not put it in a warmed oven for rising.

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