More facebook poetry

Among other things
I love Amy, real talking,
Bed, kitty; good night!

Quiet in this house
For another half hour yet;
I am not at rest

Things in the garden
Last year’s celery, spinach, kale
Peas and greens today


hands hurting again
need to put up garden fence
no knitting today

sewed just one quilt block
readied stuff for the resale
wasted lots of time

everything changes some weeks
rest, stretch, wait, pray, rest

Shaina is leaving
Starting her own studio
Yay for her; sad me


The fence is half up
I found Mark a meat grinder
Left the mixer there


Feels like forever
Since I’ve driven to preschool
Tomorrow again


Will I finally
get the laundry done and the
beets in tomorrow?

A load of laundry
is hanging but it’s windy
so I’m back inside


The top of our roof
Has escaped its tapey bonds
The deck has caught it


You cannot control
The people you love, Amy;
Bittersweet playdate.


Foamy fluoride gel
Makes me gag and reel and spit
What a role model

This morning, dresses
Covered the floor of your room
Sweet funny sad angst


Little things waiting
Festival is this weekend
Soon normal again


Garden behaving
And something got in


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