Sherck’s Thursday Think ‘n’ Share

Friend John has resumed a tradition of asking and answering a few Ungame questions on Thursdays. Want to join in?

Today’s questions:

Complete the statement: something I collect is ________________.

I used to collect stuffed walruses. I believe I still have all thirteen of the ones I collected before quitting. Amy plays with some of them now. It all started with one given on Valentine’s Day by my parents. I know my sister has or had one that I didn’t also have, and I’ve seen a few in other places that I never got, and just the other day I saw a new one and was almost tempted to buy it.

There’s one large puppet, one standing surfer dude, one pink baby, one with a sailor hat, waving, and various other large and small, gray, brown, and heathery, lying down or sitting up, mustached or not, smooth or shaggy.

At one time I collected Precious Moments figurines. I was a relatively new Christian and had no idea there was such a thing as Christian collectibles — I thought they were so cool at the time.

I don’t actively collect anything, now, although I do seem to keep accumulating (and getting rid of) stuff.

Do you like ballet or other dance forms? Why?

Oh my goodness yes. Can’t wait for So You Think You Can Dance to start tonight! I will say, though, that some dance moves me more than others — I got pretty bored trying to watch a DVD of Sleeping Beauty, and I don’t care for ballroom competitions or Dancing with the Stars…

I’ve always done art, and always done music, and then in high school noticed that so many of the magazines in the art classes were dance magazines, and was captivated by the energy and beauty and — wholeness — of the shapes, positions, and movements of the pictured dancers.

Art is perhaps the least whole, for me — it’s only my hands and eyes being physically involved. Music is a little more holistic — my whole body keeps rhythm, and more of my arms and body are involved in playing my instrument. But dance — everything moves, and everything must be wholly committed and wholly involved, even when still.

I took modern dance all four years of college — started as a PE requirement but continued because I needed and loved it. Any good workout is cleansing and strengthening, toning, calorie-burning; but working out by dancing is beautiful and soul-nourishing in addition to being exercise.

I wish I still had access to a good twice-a-week dance class. Something serious, but recognizing the limits of someone who started as a young adult and never got beyond intermediate level and who has no delusions or ambitions to actually work as a dancer. Something led by someone like Shaina.

Tell about the most significant person in your life.

I don’t like superlatives. Lots of people are significant in my life, at different levels, for different reasons.

Daughter and husband are high up on the list of course. Both have stretched and challenged and delighted and disappointed and humbled and uplifted and surprised me.

Not all significance is unilaterally positive — the abundant life is not about being happy all the time but about fullness, richness, openness to all depth of experience, being really and truly present in all moments.

I could talk about a number of people who had a brief presence in my life but whose impact still lasts, or others who have been with me longer… family, friends, musicians, colleagues, bloggers, teachers, pastors, one therapist in particular…

(John, I hope the pingback shows up to let you know I posted my answers here; on this library computer I can’t post a comment at your blog.)


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