Felted entrelac

My first entrelac project, this piece is destined to cover the seat of my chair for this year’s Chairs for Charity event. Entrelac involves knitting rows of diamonds created by picking up stitches along one side of the diamond below, and joining the last stitch of each new diamond’s row to one of the live stitches from the diamond below. Being able to knit backwards helps with efficiency, since you don’t have to turn the work. But it’s not essential.

I used the leftover Cascade 220 dark green, light green, and red from our Christmas stockings, leftover purple from the Ithaca Farmers Market, and dark heather green Cascade 220 and green and orange Malabrigo that a friend gave me / destashed. At first I intended to use only the four greens, but when I ran out of the green Malabrigo in the middle, I decided to add the alternating colors in its place for the remaining rows.

The final piece, unfelted and unblocked, measured 27″x31″ — after felting, it was now flat but still just about the same dimensions. Except the half with the colored diamonds was obviously wider than the other half, and the purple diamonds didn’t seem to felt as much as the other colors.

Once it’s completely dry, it’ll be time to remove the old upholstery and figure out how to put this in its place. Might need to borrow a staple gun again.


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