Asparagus quinoa soup with ham

Since I didn’t measure anything, this is more of a guide than a recipe, but here it is!

In a medium pot, saute one pound of asparagus bits in a tablespoon or so of butter. Season with salt, pepper, and a bit of ginger — I used ground this time, but you could saute a chunk of raw ginger in the butter and remove it before adding the asparagus. Remove the asparagus to a lidded bowl to keep relatively warm.

Meanwhile, bring two cups of chicken stock to a boil and add about half a cup or three quarters of a cup of quinoa. Season this with a bit of salt, pepper, and ginger as well.

When the quinoa’s tender, toss the asparagus back in, and some shredded or diced leftover ham. Or, leave the ham out — we had it without for dinner last night and it was good, but added ham for lunch today was even better.

A bit of shredded Parmesan on top is nice as well.


2 thoughts on “Asparagus quinoa soup with ham

  1. Tonight was a different asparagus dish. We’d made scalloped potatoes with asparagus for church lunch yesterday. I put the remains in the blender, added more milk, transferred it to a pan and started it reheating, then cooked some more asparagus and some bacon and stirred that in. Yum.

    Tomorrow should be a grilling night, weather permitting, and there will be Italian sausage, potato wedges, and… grilled asparagus.

    Mark bought three bunches this week, thinking we’d need them all for the church dish.

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