My mothers’ day gift

“It’s me, dressed up like Tiana; that’s my crown, and those are dream clouds, and stickers.”


5 thoughts on “My mothers’ day gift

  1. I LOVE THIS! Did y’all see the Tiana movie? What did you think? I’m sure I’m overly sensitive, but I did not like it! We finally get a black princess, and it’s riddled in voodoo! ARGH! I think black people everywhere should be totally up in arms over it, but that’s just me…

  2. Sandi, no, none of us have seen the movie. I’d heard that about the voo-doo and just don’t want to go there. But Tiana shows up in princess collection stuff — Amy has a nightlight with her and a few other princesses on it. My benefit-of-the-doubt side wants to think maybe the writers were trying to show respect for cultural traditions somehow… but, well, yeah, that doesn’t seem quite right.

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