Allergic asthma again

My allergies are back in full force.

Last spring, after a day of spreading spoiled hay several inches deep over the whole garden, I was slammed with sinus congestion, postnasal drip, and eventually asthmatic stuff. I still don’t know if I officially wheeze, but definitely get constricted — I described it last year as feeling like I’m underwater with a throat full of feathers.

In early March, I think it was, I got the drip going again and a week or two of Claritin plus neti pot seemed to do the trick.

For the last several days it’s been back, and worse, and I’m getting that feathers feeling again. I’m not at the point where I can’t talk or breathe deeply without coughing, but I’m definitely uncomfortable.

I hate that there is any such thing as allergies or asthma, and I wish that eating as well as we do made more of a difference. Perhaps if we ate all organic, and prepared everything just so.

Meanwhile, though, I hate the suggestion of cooping myself up indoors. I’ve got plants that need to get into the garden. I need to water the garden. I like being outside. The sun and fresh air are good for me, other than the allergy bit. And while it’s not hot now, I don’t like the recommendation to keep windows closed and use AC. Open windows don’t use up energy. Same feeling about air filters. The whole thing reminds me of antibacterial soap and other hyper-sanitary ideas.


(I do still have a good bit left in last spring’s inhaler, and I know where it is, should things progress in that direction.)


6 thoughts on “Allergic asthma again

  1. As a life long asthmatic, it’s not a failing. You can’t wish it away or eat it away. Its just the way our bodies cope with foreign invaders. You can talk to an allergist about testing and then shots. But it’s sounding like you need more than a rescue inhaler. There are really good meds out there today. Better than when I was a kid. You DON’T have to feel like this.

    I only say this because I care. Asthma can kill and almost did kill my younger cousin when she was a child.

  2. Kathryn, my asthma only seems to come into play when the allergy symptoms are at their worst — once last year, and now this time this year. I think controlling the allergies is the bigger issue for me. The steroid shot and nasal spray have made a huge difference already.

  3. Hmm. I wonder if the mould and fungi in the hay set off your allergies.
    Kaufmann who writes about fungi claims that a strict sugar free diet, (which excludes most fruits too and bread, pasta and things which rapidly break down into sugars) helps allergies, as the fungi and mould which causes much hay fever (rather than pollen) do not have enough nutrition to breed. People swear by it. I am more or less sugar free at present, and have few hay fever symptoms this year. Just an idea!

  4. Anita,

    I’m not sure — are there mold and fungi in straw as well? This year I was donated straw bales that had been around a house foundation all winter — they seem a lot cleaner than the spoiled hay from last year — I don’t have any obvious reaction to working with the straw. And this year, I’m pretty sure my symptoms did not appear full-blown immediately after working with the straw, as they did after a few hours spreading the hay last year.

    I have been moving in lower carb directions, and would love to be completely refined-sugar-free — went without it during Lent (not FOR Lent) and hardly missed it except for chocolate and ice cream. But honey and maple syrup I do use (no other sweeteners), and I am not (yet) willing to forgo all carbs. Are you low-carb, no-carb, or just sugar free, and if sugar free do you allow yourself any sweeteners?

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