70 things

I baked seventy things yesterday.

Two loaves of bread, a cobbler with leftover fruit filling, and sixty-seven kolace. I didn’t intend to make sixty-seven; the recipe didn’t say how many it would make — it just said to space them about fifteen on a sheet tray. I should have guessed seven cups of flour would make more than fifteen kolace!

Peaches and blueberries were from last summer’s picking excursions. Tossed the frozen blueberries with a bit of flour and sugar. The peaches were frozen whole — a brief soak in cool water helped get the skins off, and then I sliced them and tossed them with flour and sugar, too.

The dough recipe is Mrs. Clarence Zajicek’s from Favorite Recipes of the Nebraska Czechs. It mixed up well* in my new vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 11 (that’s right, the guy who offered to send me the correct bowl for my new vintage model 7B sent me a whole new mixer instead, one that can take dough hooks). It’s a very light and sticky dough, very elastic. It rises FOUR TIMES. (* except one dough hook slipped loose while mixing, and the two beat against each other a few times before I managed to stop the machine — some nice indentations on each as a result.)

Mark is pleased with the result — which is good, because this is what he asked for for his birthday dessert. I’m not as pleased — it seems a strange combination, this light bread dough and a pie filling. I want it to be more like a danish or a donut, I guess.


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