Sticky buns, clafoutis, and more

Busy weekend!

Friday Amy and I went to a Good Friday service at a local church; I like Good Friday, because it is quiet, somber, unhindered by food and social extras (that, while fine and pleasant in themselves, are not intrinsic to the meaning of the holiday), and of course reminds me of the center, ground, foundation, of my faith. We were a half hour late, but that was okay.

Saturday was gloriously not wet. We cleaned the house somewhat, I washed winter outerwear (but Amy’s coat still is dirty on the white parts), I made a gate for my garden, and stayed up rather too late preparing overnight sticky buns for the church Easter breakfast today. They were fantastic, though. I used this recipe, except I added more finely chopped pecans to the filling. The topping was not as thick as my mom’s, but I didn’t mind that difference. The pecans still got that glorious taste.

Today was also gloriously not wet. We invited a family for Easter dinner; they brought the ham and we made the sides. Roasted asparagus, scalloped potatoes, and an almond-blueberry-peach clafoutis. Yum. Just above the two specific recipes on this page, there’s a paragraph of general notes that I used for my version. The fruit to batter ratio was rather too high, but delicious anyway. The blueberries and peaches were from last summer’s picking excursions. I froze many of the peaches whole — the skins did NOT slip right off with a rinse under cold water, but that’s likely because the peaches weren’t quite ripe when I picked them. They tasted great anyway. I didn’t thaw the fruit, either.


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