April 21

Today I have trusted Jesus for twenty-three years.

I am confident, and I see, that God was moving in my life years before that, and Scripture tells me his eye saw me long before I was born. Following him has not been without trouble, without doubt, without change — but that’s not unexpected. The world is still broken, and under the curse; we’re in the now but not yet, as Jesus’ work, though complete, is not yet brought to fullness.

On this day, which also commemorates the final meal Jesus ate with his disciples — when he washed their feet as the lowliest servant would do, when he explained his coming sacrifice with symbols of bread and wine broken and given to them — I continue to look to him with hope and trust, for today, for tomorrow, and for the glory to come.

In a basket sits my chocolate bunny (dark, of course), Mark’s peanut butter egg, and a set of five mini bunnies for Amy. In the fridge are six uncracked hardboiled eggs waiting for a little girl to color them. Three more that are cracked wait for me to decide how or if to color them. At church there’ll be a breakfast as well as the worship service; I’m either making Easter bread or pecan sticky buns or both.

Things are greening outside, despite the cold and wet; it IS spring.

All these things are pleasant, because all of life, including fun, is in him.


2 thoughts on “April 21

  1. Congratulations! I remember thinking, when I had been a Christian for 10 years, that this must be real and not just some fly-by-night thing in my life. And again at 20 years, the recognition of that many years knowing Jesus brought a sort of amazement in me. At that age, not much was lasting in my life, but this was, and it was consistently there, not just sometimes. And now, having known our Lord for almost 41 years, I cannot think how I could have lived my life without Him.

    All you say above is true. And all our life is in Him. Thanks be to God!

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