I have some birthday money left to spend (Thanks Mom!). I have a loooooong list of items I might wish to purchase, and have been deliberating over which one(s) to get with birthday money, which ones to postpone some more, and which ones I might wrangle into some other category of the budget.

At the moment, here’s where things stand:

I might get a food mill. Vintage is cute, simple, made to endure, has a more comfortable solid handle, and is $10 cheaper. New is stainless steel. (Vintage might be tinned steel, or aluminum.) It would be handy for canning tomatoes and making applesauce and apple butter, without worrying about seeds and skins; maybe for hummus and mashed potatoes and pumpkin and squash, too, and creamed or pureed anything else.

I might buy two books for Amy that I also love. One is Stories Jesus Told, a really lovely and theologically sound (and adorably (not cutely) illustrated) retelling of several of the parables. If I buy the new food mill, I’ll get one that qualifies for free shipping. Otherwise, there’s a cheaper one.

The other is the same Thumbelina pop-up book I had when I was little. This one is musty and I am waiting for the seller to have some good sunny days to see if airing it out helps. Otherwise, an Amazon seller has a copy, but it needs the binding to be reglued.

Other potential items include numerous food things like sucanat or trying raw milk butter again. Or some other things.

And, being me, I deliberate, hem and haw, research, consider, decide, undecide, and on and on. It’s midnight and I’m going to go take a shower and get in bed. Tomorrow’s another commute to preschool, with a picnic playdate afterwards at the park.


I went for a Lunette Model 2, and the Stories Jesus Told.


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